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Educational Research Methods

Educational Research Methods

March 2015 | SAGE Publications, Inc
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SAGE Educational Research Methods, powered by Acrobatiq, transforms how students learn and instructors teach by bringing together authoritative content from a global leader in research methods publishing with technology, data, and learning science from Acrobatiq, a learning optimization company from Carnegie Mellon University.  

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SAGE Educational Research Methods, powered by Acrobatiq, is an online course that brings together authoritative Research Methods content with technology, data, and learning science from Acrobatiq, a learning optimization company from Carnegie Mellon University.   

Based on the book Educational Research by authors R. Burke Johnson and Larry Christensen, the course includes a Learning Dashboard that will help you quickly assess students' learning and progress and adapt instruction and intervention to maximize student success.  

Students receive auto-graded practice with targeted feedback through "Did I Get This?" and "Learn By Doing” activities. Synthesis and application activities help students apply new knowledge to real-world concepts. Summative assessments ensure successful knowledge acquisition.  

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Unit 1: Course Introduction and Learning Strategies
Unit 2: Introduction to Educational Research
Unit 3: Three Major Research Approaches and Action Research
Unit 4: Planning a Research Study
Unit 5: Research Ethics
Unit 6: Standardized Measurement and Assessment
Unit 7: Data Collection
Unit 8: Techniques and Principles of Sampling
Unit 9: Validity of Research Results
Unit 10: Research Methods and Design
Unit 11: Data Analysis
Unit 12: Evaluating Research Studies
Unit 13: Writing a Research Report
Unit 14: Acknowledgments and References

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ERM Efficacy Study

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