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Overhauling Learning for Multilingual Students

Overhauling Learning for Multilingual Students
An Approach for Achieving Pedagogical Justice

April 2024 | 224 pages | Corwin

Adopt a strengths-based, justice-centered approach to teaching multilinguals

Offering educators a path to pedagogical justice for multilingual learners, Overhauling Learning for Multilingual Students outlines a comprehensive alternative model for instruction and assessment. With an emphasis on engaging multilingual learners in authentic communication and promoting student agency and creativity, this book is an urgent call-to-action for educators at all levels to value and leverage the many assets that multilingual students bring to every classroom.

The book outlines six dimensions of pedagogical justice and offers practical strategies to implement a learner-centered approach that will help all students thrive. Additional features include:

  • An assets-based framework designed to help multilingual learners learn and grow
  • Guidance for shifting instructional strategies away from remediation and test preparation toward an engaging, justice-centered approach
  • Activities to to help students collaboratively build up unique and important ideas (claims and concepts) across disciplines

Written by scholar, practitioner, and best-selling author, Jeff Zwiers, Overhauling Learning for Multilingual Students supports educators to de-think and rethink traditional one-size-fits-all approaches to teaching and assessing multilingual learners.

Chapter 1 - Pedagogical Justice
Chapter 2 - What Students Learn and How they Grow
Chapter 3 - Assessment
Chapter 4 - Pedagogy
Chapter 5 - Instruction
Chapter 6 - Systems

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