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Economic Revitalization

Economic Revitalization
Cases and Strategies for City and Suburb

May 2002 | 280 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Ecomomic Revitalization is unique in that it discusses leading revitalization strategies in the context of both city and suburban settings, offering case studies of programme development and implementation.

The book is amied at students and practitioners of economic development planning who seek to foster stronger economies and greater opportunity in inner cities and older suburbs. It is also meant to assist planners in thriving new towns and suburban communities seeking to avoid future economic decline as their communities mature.

Economic Revitalization:

- Discusses practices in both suburban and inner-city settings

- Integrates the planning values of social justice and sustainabiliry into the discussion of implementation strategies

- Includes cases that reveal the political nature of the planning process and the types of tradeoffs that often must be made

- Provides insights for lanners seeking to adopt "best practice" programs from other localities

1. Redefining the Field of Local Economic Development
2. Sectoral Development Strategies for New and Old Industries
3. Brownfield Redevelopment for Equitable Community Revitalization
4. Industrial Retention
5. Commercial Revitalization in Central Cities and Older Suburbs
6. The Reuse of Office and Industrial Property for Sustainable Urban Development
7. Job Centered Economic Development
8. Conclusion
About the Authors

"This is an important and comprehensive book on local economic development planning. . .Over the next decade, this book is certain to have a major impact on students, scholars, and practitioners seeking a broader understanding of economic development planning." 

Norman Krumholz
Levin College of Urban Affairs, Cleveland State University

"Fitzgerald and Leigh have done a commendable job of providing not only the theoretical and historical dimensions of these issues, but also support them with examples and case studies that easily convince the reader that social equity and sustainability need not be sacrificed altogether in order to promote local economic development, even though small trade-offs may be necessary."

Sriram Khe'
Wester Oregon University, Monmouth

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