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Early Childhood Studies

Early Childhood Studies

Fourth Edition

August 2015 | 320 pages | Learning Matters
For students of Early Childhood Studies, questions are as important as answers.  
What is childhood? Is childhood the same in all cultures?
How do children grow and develop?
What space do we make for children in our society?
How do adults approach risk and what does this mean for children?

Can children’s play be planned by adults?

Early Childhood Studies tackles these questions and more. It explores the why, how and what of studying and working with young children and their families, considering how a range of theories can help us to identify useful questions.

This is a comprehensive, up-to-date, challenging and accessible core text for the Early Childhood Studies course. Throughout, key theories and research findings are highlighted and explored to help link theory and practice. It covers the important themes of child development, communication, wellbeing, observation, working with parents, inclusive practice, leadership and research. This fourth edition has been fully updated throughout and includes new chapters on children and risk, inclusive learning environments, play and adults' concepts of childhood.

Rod Parker-Rees
Becky McKenzie
Understanding children’s development
Mandy Andrews
Rod Parker-Rees
Developing Communication
Philip Selbie and Becky McKenzie
Children’s well-being and spirituality
Karen Wickett and Mandy Andrews
Observing Children
Marie Lavelle
Working with parents
Philip Selbie and Karen Wickett
Providing enabling environments
Ulrike Hohmann
Tackling inequalities in the early years
Mandy Andrews and Sofia Chanda-Gool
Inclusive Practice in the early years
Caroline Leeson and Valerie Huggins
Working with Colleagues
Caroline Leeson and Valerie Huggins
Leadership in Early Childhood settings
Rod Parker-Rees
Adults’ Concepts of Childhood
Ulrike Hohmann
The benefits of comparison
Rebecca Carter Dillon and Valerie Huggins
Children’s well-being in the developing world
Verity Campbell-Barr
The Research, Policy, Practice triangle
Caroline Leeson
In praise of reflective practice
Ulrike Hohmann and Christoforos Mamas
Research projects in Early Childhood Studies
Ulrike Hohmann and Karen Wickett
Action Research

Great layout. Well written. Covered lots of helpful topic in depth and highly relevant way.

Sarah Holmes
Childhood & Youth Studies, Liverpool Hope University
September 4, 2017

Good pertinent updated version of an old classic.

Ms Babs Anderson
Education Department, Liverpool Hope University
October 19, 2016

A solid text for all students on undergraduate programmes. Supports understanding of the holistic nature of child learning and development.

Mrs Sharon Angeletta Colilles
Carnegie Faculty of Sports & Education, Leeds Beckett University
November 12, 2016

A good introduction to the field of study for Early Years

Mrs Rita Winstone
Department of Education, University of Teesside
June 22, 2016

Useful introductory text across a number of modules - esp Chapters 11, 15 & 16

Mr Martin Harmer
Social Sciences & Law, Teesside University
June 7, 2016

This fourth edition has been fully updated throughout and includes new chapters on children and risk, play and adults' concepts of childhood.

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