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Early Childhood Educational Research

Early Childhood Educational Research
International Perspectives

July 2018 | 312 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Early Childhood educational research is a constantly evolving field. This book brings together Cathy Nutbrown’s considerable knowledge and expertise in the field, to deliver a comprehensive and critical overview of national and international research. The strengths of various types of research, and their influence on theory, policy and practice, are identified along with new and emerging research areas, and anticipated future topics and patterns of research.


Through an analytical discussion of research topics addressing Children, Adults and Pedagogy, these key areas are highlighted:


-        Issues in research design

-        Types of and trends in methodological approaches

-        The ethics of research


With digestible chapter introductions, thinking points and suggestions for research or dissertation topics, readers are also able to locate their own work in an international landscape. This is the perfect ‘go to’ resource for all early childhood education and social science researchers.

Cathy Nutbrown will be discussing ideas from Early Childhood Educational Research in Doing Your Early Years Research Project, a SAGE Masterclass for early years students and practitioners in collaboration with Kathy Brodie. 

Chapter 1: Research Threads: Weaving Understandings of Early Childhood Education from the 20th Century
Part I: Children
Chapter 2: Children's Rights and Early Childhood Education and Care
Chapter 3: Young Children’s Well-Being and Spirituality
Chapter 4: Play in Early Childhood Education and Care
Chapter 5: Children as Participants in their own Learning and in Research
Chapter 6: Poverty in Childhood and the Impact of Early Childhood Education and Care
Reflection on Part I: Research Focusing on Children
Part II: Adults
Chapter 7: Parents and Early Childhood Education and Care
Chapter 8: Inclusion and Diversity in Early Childhood Education and Care
Chapter 9: Multi-Professional and Inter-Disciplinary Working in Early Childhood Education and Care
Chapter 10: Professionalism, Qualifications and Status
Chapter 11: Leadership in Early Childhood Education and Care
Chapter 12: Ethics of Work with Young Children in Early Childhood Education and Care
Reflection on Part II: Research Focusing on Adults
Part III: Learning and Teaching
Chapter 13: Curricular Approaches: Pedagogy and Practice in Early Childhood Education and Care
Chapter 14: Early Literacy Development and Learning
Chapter 15: Languages and Early Learning
Chapter 16: Digital Technologies and Early Childhood Education and Care
Chapter 17: Assessment in Early Childhood Education and Care
Reflection on Part III: 21st Century Research Focusing on Learning and Teaching
Chapter 18: Research in Early Childhood Education in the 21st Century: Salience, Significance and Challenge

This text embraces international research approaches and the similarities and differences that students need to be aware of

Dr Chelle Davison
Early Years Development and Learning, Coventry University
December 12, 2018

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