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Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education

Four Volume Set
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November 2011 | 1 632 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Early years and early childhood is a vibrant area of educational practice. The field is continually developing and is faced with contemporary advances, challenges and debates in terms of theories, research and practice. This collection, compiled by Iram Siraj-Blatchford, one of the most influential researchers in early years education, and Aziza Mayo, an emerging expert, provides an authoritative overview of early years education.

Volume One: Foundational and Contemporary Thought on Young Children, Home and Society looks at the works of the foundational thinkers in early years development. It then sets out the current theories about the pathways and mechanisms of children's cognitive and socio-emotional development in the early years and how the home, community and institutional contexts impact on this development.

Volume Two: Implications for Early Childhood Curriculum and Pedagogy investigates international research in a range of topics such as effective home (and 'natural') learning environments and community and other settings in the early years. Furthermore, the volume looks at cultural diversity within and between societies, play and playful pedagogies and peer tutoring.

Volume Three: Early Childhood Programmes, Social Mobility and Social Justice puts forward research on international perspectives on unequal childhoods and how these inequalities can affect early childhood education. It also examines strategies and programmes to increase the effectiveness of early childhood settings and how to sustain this development.

Volume Four: Current Debates in Early Childhood Education Research considers effective practices of researching early years education by looking at examples of longitudinal studies and randomized controlled trials. It suggests instruments to monitor and evaluate early childhood education and effective application of mixed quantitative and qualitative research towards policy changes.

Rheta DeVries
Vygotsky, Piaget and Education
A Reciprocal Assimilation of Theories and Educational Practices

Charles Fernyhough
Getting Vygotskian about Theory of Mind
Mediation, Dialogue and the Development of Social Understanding

James Wertsch
From Social Interaction to Higher Psychological Processes
A Clarification and Application of Vygotsky's Theory

Sheldon Stryker
From Mead to a Structural Symbolic Interactionism and beyond
Urie Bronfenbrenner and Stephen Ceci
Nature-Nurture Reconceptualized in Developmental Perspective
A Bioecological Model

Eric Turkheimer et al
Socioeconomic Status Modifies Heritability of IQ in Young Children
Eleanor Maccoby
Parenting and Its Effect on Children
On Reading and Misreading Behaviour Genetics

Urie Bronfenbrenner and Pamela Morris
Ecology of Developmental Processes
Charles Super and Sara Harkness
Culture Structures the Environment for Development
Susan Gelman
Learning from Others
Children's Construction of Concepts

Ross Parke
Development in the Family
Barbara Rogoff et al
First-Hand Learning through Intent Participation
Çi?dem Ka??tç?ba??
Autonomy and Relatedness in Cultural Context
Implications for Self and Family

Heidi Keller et al
Cultural Models, Socialization Goals and Parenting Ethnotheories
A Multicultural Analysis

Marilyn Fleer
Post-Vygotskian Lenses on Western Early Childhood Education
Moving the Debate forward

Cynthia García Coll et al
An Integrative Model for the Study of Developmental Competencies in Minority Children
Barbara Bowman, M. Suzanne Donovan and M. Susan Burns
Executive Summary to Eager to Learn
Educating Our Pre-Schoolers

Lenette Azzi-Lessing
Quality Support Infrastructure in Early Childhood
Still (Mostly) Missing

Ljubica Marjanovi? Umek et al
Quality of the Pre-School and Home Environment as a Context of Children's Language Development
Edward Melhuish et al
Effects of the Home-Learning Environment and Pre-School Center Experience upon Literacy and Numeracy Development in Early Primary School
Danielle Horvath Dallaire and Marsha Weinraub
The Stability of Parenting Behaviours over the First Six Years of Life
Gilda Morelli, Barbara Rogoff and Cathy Angelillo
Cultural Variation in Young Children's Access to Work or Involvement in Specialized Child-Focused Activities
Jonathan Tudge et al
A Window into Different Cultural Worlds
Young Children's Everyday Activities in the United States, Brazil and Kenya

Iram Siraj-Blatchford and Kathy Sylva
Researching Pedagogy in English Pre-Schools
Paul Leseman, Linda Rollenberg and Jan Rispens
Playing and Working in Kindergarten
Cognitive Co-Construction in Two Educational Situations

Ljubica Marjanovi? Umek and Petra Lešnik Musek
Symbolic Play
Opportunities for Cognitive and Language Development in Pre-School Settings

Maureen Kendrick
Playing House
A 'Sideways' Glance at Literacy and Identity in Early Childhood

Ingrid Pramling Samuelsson and Maj Asplund Carlsson
The Playing-Learning Child
Towards a Pedagogy of Early Childhood

Elena Bodrova
Make-Believe Play versus Academic Skills
A Vygotskian Approach to Today's Dilemma of Early Childhood Education

Laura Schulz and Elizabeth Baraff Bonawitz
Serious Fun
Pre-Schoolers Engage in More Exploratory Play When Evidence Is Confounded

Iram Siraj-Blatchford
Conceptualizing Progression in the Pedagogy of Play and Sustained Shared Thinking in Early Childhood Education
A Vygotskian Perspective

Kathy Sylva et al
Curricular Quality and Day-to-Day Learning Activities in Pre-School
Pirja Aunio et al
Children's Early Numeracy in England, Finland and People's Republic of China
Marilyn Fleer and Bridie Raban
Constructing Cultural-Historical Tools for Supporting Young Children's Concept Formation in Early Literacy and Numeracy
Judith Duncan, Carolyn Jones and Margaret Carr
Learning Dispositions and the Role of Mutual Engagement
Factors for Consideration in Educational Settings

Carol Copple
Fostering Young Children's Representation, Planning and Reflection
A Focus in Three Current Early Childhood Models

Thomas Kramer et al
Social and Emotional Learning in the Kindergarten Classroom
Evaluation of the Strong-Start Curriculum

Deborah Russell Carter, David Chard and Juli Lull Pool
A Family-Strengths Approach to Early Language and Literacy Development
David Arnold and Greta Doctoroff
The Early Education of Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Children
Iram Siraj-Blatchford
Educational Disadvantage in the Early Years
How Do We Overcome It? Some Lessons from Research

John Bennett
New Policy Conclusions from Starting Strong II and Update on the OECD Early Childhood Policy Reviews
Bente Jensen
A Nordic Approach to Early Childhood Education and Socially Endangered Children
Allie Cleghorn and Larry Prochner
Contrasting Visions of Early Childhood Education
Examples from Rural and Urban Settings in Zimbabwe and India

Uzma Iram and Muhammad Sabihuddin Butt
Socioeconomic and Environmental Determinants of Child-Care Patterns of Pre-Schoolers in Pakistan
Daphna Bassok et al
Do Child-Care Centers Benefit Poor Children after School Entry?
Cathy Wylie and Jean Thompson
The Long-Term Contribution of Early Childhood Education to Children's Performance
Evidence from New Zealand

Adele Diamond et al
Pre-School Program Improves Cognitive Control
Jenet Jacob
The Socio-Emotional Effects of Non-Maternal Child Care on Children in the U.S.A.
A Critical Review of Recent Studies

Pam Sammons et al
The Impact of Pre-School on Young Children's Cognitive Attainments at Entry to Reception
Jeanne E. Montie, Zongping Xiang and Lawrence Schweinhart
Pre-School Experience in 10 Countries
Cognitive and Language Performance at Age Seven

Ljubica Marjanovi? Umek et al
The Effect of Pre-School on Children's School Readiness
Katherine Magnuson et al
Inequality in Pre-School Education and School Readiness
Fostering High-Quality Teaching with an Enriched Curriculum and Professional Development Support

Celene Domitrovich et al
The Head Start REDI Program

Eve Gregory et al
Introducing Literacy to Four-Year-Olds
Creating Classroom Cultures in Three Schools

Anne Hargrave and Monique Sénéchal
A Book Reading Intervention with Pre-School Children Who Have Limited Vocabularies
The Benefits of Regular Reading and Dialogic Reading

Gee Macrory
Bilingual Language Development
What Do Early Years Practitioners Need to Know?

Robert Pianta et al
The Effects of Pre-School Education
What We Know, How Public Policy Is or Is Not Aligned with the Evidence Base and What We Need to Know

Edward Melhuish
The Quest for Quality in Early Day Care and Pre-School Experience Continues
Iram Siraj-Blatchford and Yeok-lin Wong
Defining and Evaluating 'Quality' Early Childhood Education in an International Context
Dilemmas and Possibilities

Stephen Small, Siobhan Cooney and Cailin O'Connor
Evidence-Informed Program Improvement
Using Principles of Effectiveness to Enhance Quality and Impact of Family-Based Prevention Programs

Virginia Buysse and Heidi Hollingworth
Program Quality and Early Childhood Inclusion
Recommendations for Professional Development

Rena Hallam et al
The Effects of Outcome-Driven Authentic Assessment on Classroom Quality
John Lochman
Translation of Research into Interventions
Sharon Ryan and Susan Grieshaber
Shifting from Developmental to Postmodern Practices in Early Childhood Teacher Education
C. Cybele Raver et al
Improving Pre-School Classroom Processes
Preliminary Findings from a Randomized Trial Implemented in Head Start Settings

Gunilla Dahlberg, Peter Moss and Alan Pence
The Stockholm Project
Constructing a Pedagogy That Speaks in the Voice of the Child, the Pedagogue and the Parent

Alan Pence and Kofi Marfo
Early Childhood Development in Africa
Interrogating Constraints of Prevailing Knowledge Bases

Donna Mertens
Transformative Paradigm
Mixed Methods and Social Justice

Sara Harkness et al
Mixed Methods in International Collaborative Research
The Experiences of the International Study of Parents, Children and Schools

Hirokazu Yoshikawa et al
Mixing Qualitative and Quantitative Research in Developmental Science
Uses and Methodological Choices

Deborah Stipek and Patricia Byler
The Early Childhood Classroom Observation Measure
Kathy Sylva et al
Capturing Quality in Early Childhood through Environmental Rating Scales
Robert Bradley and Robert Corwyn
Caring for Children around the World
A View from HOME

Glenda Walsh and John Gardner
Assessing the Quality of Early Years Learning Environments
Iram Siraj-Blatchford et al
Educational Research and Evidence-Based Policy
The Mixed-Method Approach of the EPPE Project


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