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Duty Bound

Duty Bound
Elder Abuse and Family Care

October 1988 | 288 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Reporting the results of a study on abuse of the elderly by adult children, Dynamics of Elder Abuse examines the impact that caring for an elderly patient has on the lives of middle-aged and sometimes elderly caregiving offspring.

The data are derived from in-depth interviews with 104 caregivers, and is used to detail the daily tasks of caregivers and the resulting stress, conflict and abuse. Correlating information such as the nature of the tasks performed and the amount of stress and burden perceived by the caregiver, Steinmetz analyzes the relationship between the level of dependency, stress produced by the dependency and the level of abuse, and addresses intergenerational patterns of control and abuse interaction. Lastly, Steinmetz evaluates the intent behind so-called abusive treatment; the passive/active continuum of abuse; and the relationship between perceived success or failure of the caregiving.

The Other Side of the Mountain
Prestige and Power or Pity and Poverty
An Historical Overview of Elderly in America

Parenting Your Parent
A Contemporary Analysis of the Problem

Elders and Their Caregivers
A Profile

In Their Best Interest
To Care or Not to Care

Is it Worth the Effort? The Impact of Stress on Caregivers and Their Families
Elder Abuse
Victims and Perpetrators

Patterns, Perceptions and Predictions

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