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Doing Research with Children and Young People

Doing Research with Children and Young People

First Edition
Edited by:

November 2003 | 294 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
'The author gives an excellent overview and explores how children have been seen as objects and subjects in research as well as increasingly as participants and more recently still as researchers.'

- International Journal of Research and Method in Education

'This book is especially beneficial in terms of its breadth of discussion on the legal, ethical and moral issues of conducting research with children and young people alongside the key methodological challenges that students and practitioners are faced when conducting this type of research' - Research Policy and Planning

Doing Research with Children and Young People introduces researchers to the key considerations involved in working with children and young people.

The book highlights issues which arise at different stages in the process and which all researchers need to take account of as they plan and carry out a study. These include:

· ethical and legal issues

· philosophical underpinnings of research

· age and diversity of the children involved

· evaluation and dissemination of findings.

Doing Research with Children and Young People has been developed to accompany The Open University course Research with Children and Young People (EK310). It is an ideal introduction for all students and practitioners preparing to research in fields such as education, health, welfare, childhood and youth studies, psychology and sociology.

Vicky Lewis
Doing Research with Children and Young People
An Introduction

Sandy Fraser
Situating Empirical Research
Mary Kellett, Chris Robinson and Rachel Burr
Images of Childhood
Judith Masson
The Legal Context
Sandy Fraser and Chris Robinson
Paradigms and Philosophy
Chris Robinson and Mary Kellett
Priscilla Alderson
Adele Jones
Involving Children and Young People as Researchers
Rob Pattman and Mary Jane Kehily
Ann Langston et al
Early Childhood
Mary Kellett and Sharon Ding
Middle Childhood
Alan France
Young People
Vicky Lewis and Mary Kellett
Olga Nieuwenhuys
Participatory Action Research in the Majority World
Mani Maniam et al
Race and Ethnicity
Helen Roberts
Health and Social Care
Ann Edwards
Jim McKechnie and Sandy Hobbs
Childhood Studies

Useful examples. Suitable for a range of disciplines

Dr Sarah Rose
Psychology & Mental Health, Staffordshire University
October 30, 2014

This is a well written book that examines the issues when researching with children.

Mrs Svetlana Shivacheva
University Centre Croydon, Croydon College
December 20, 2013

This might seem an odd thing to say but a strength of this book is that it is not a step-by-step guide to doing research with children. Instead, it is an indispensible collection of readings that serves well both the beginning and the experienced researcher. Key themes are addressed that give a reader much pause for thought and reflection. This is undoubtedly helped because the chapters are uniformally well-written and accessible. So, an overall strength is that this book is complementary to any work that provides more of a step-by-step approach.

Dr Phil Stringer
Research Department of Clinical Educational & Health Psychology, University College London
October 30, 2013

Excellent book with many useful chapters. Suitable for undergraduates on research modules.

Dr Max Hope
Centre for Educational Studies, Hull University
November 5, 2012

Useful presentation of the legal and ethical consideration in research involving young people and children. Will be recommending to undergraduate students.

Mrs Wendy Bannerman
Childhood and Youth, Northampton University
August 17, 2012

I really liked this book. It is clearly organised and covers all the salient topics the be considered when carrying out research with children. This will be very useful for Post Graduate Students.

Mrs Heather Macdonald
Education , Chester University
December 2, 2010

I reviewed the book and think it presents some very salient points for students who want to research children and young people. Therefore I will be recommending it to students (BA and MA) who I shall be supervising.

Ms Daniella Zerafa
Department of Social Policy and Social Work, University of Malta
July 12, 2010

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