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Doing Criminological Research

Doing Criminological Research

Third Edition

September 2018 | 552 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

The new edition of this bestselling textbook comes completely revised and updated to take students on a guided tour of criminological research.  

As a trusted companion, this book brings together a range of experts in the field to provide key perspectives on how to prepare, do and present research.   Concise and engaging, each chapter comes with a range of learning features and contextualised case studies, giving an in-depth review on conducting research projects. The book:

  • Includes fascinating case studies on transnational crime and policing, victims, male offenders, institutional abuse and more
  • Comes with study questions, activities, key terms and a glossary
  • Includes visual material which highlights and illustrates key points
  • Contains new chapters on mixed methods; web based criminological research; experimental criminological research and quantitative criminological research 

This is the go-to for any student studying criminology,  essential to those conducting their own research in the field.

Introduction - Dr Pamela Davies & Professor Peter Francis
Part I: Preparing Criminological Research - Dr Pamela Davies & Professor Peter Francis
Chapter 1 Methodological Approaches to Criminological Research - Hannah Bows
Chapter 2 Mixed Methods - Dr Vicky Kemp & Dr Jaime Waters
Chapter 3 Formulating, Planning and Proposing Criminological Research - Professor Peter Francis
Chapter 4 Doing Historical Analysis of Crime, Victims and Justice - Professor Barry Godfrey
Chapter 5 Undertaking a Criminological Literature Review - Dr Alison Wakefield
Chapter 6 The Politics and Ethics of Criminological Research - Dr David Scott
PART II: Doing Criminological Research - Dr Pamela Davies & Professor Peter Francis
Chapter 7 Doing Criminological Survey Research with Sensitive Subjects - Dr Jo Deakin & Dr Jon Spencer
Chapter 8 Doing Quantitative Criminological Research and Analyses on the Crime Drop - Professor Nick Tilley
Chapter 9 Doing Qualitative Research and Analysis on Child Sex Abuse - Dr Pamela Davies
Chapter 10 Doing Experimental CriminologicalResearch and Longitudinal Criminological Research on Crime and the Life Course - Professor David P Farrington
Chapter 11 Doing Interviews as Method for Researching State Crimes and Victimisation - Professor Lizzy Stanley
Chapter 13 History, Culture and Narrative Testimony in Criminological Research - Dr Ross McGarry & Dr Zoe Alker
Chapter 14 Doing Ethnographic Research on the Night Time Economy and Crime and Victimisation - Professor Steve Hall
Chapter 15: Doing Web Based Criminological Research - Professor Majid Yar
Chapter 16 Doing Visual Criminological Research to Understand Images of Justice, Law and Order - Professor Ronnie Lippens
Chapter 17 Doing Comparative, International and Cross Cultural Criminological Research on Victims, Crime and Policing - Professor Matthew Hall
Chapter 18 Doing Case Study Research on Institutional Abuse - Professor Kathleen Daly
Chapter 19 Doing Evaluation Research on a Peer-mentor Prison Programme - Professor Rob White
Chapter 20 Doing Criminological Research on Big Data, Analytics and Predictive Policing - Professor Janet Chan & Associate Professor Lyria Bennett Moses
PART III: Presenting Criminological Research - Dr Pamela Davies & Professor Peter Francis
Chapter 21 Writing Up and Presenting Criminological Research - Dr Alex Hall

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