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Diversity, Equality and Achievement in Education

Diversity, Equality and Achievement in Education

February 2011 | 192 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Most classrooms contain children from a variety of backgrounds, where home culture, religious beliefs and the family's economic situation all impact on achievement. This needs to be recognised by teachers in order to establish fair, respectful, trusting and constructive relationships with children and their families, which will allow every child to reach their full potential.

This book looks at real issues that affect teachers in the classroom, and examines a variety of influences affecting child development. It provides you with the theoretical and practical information you need to ensure you understand the complex factors which affect the children in your care, and it encourages good, thoughtful teaching. Dealing with some of the less widely addressed aspects of diversity and inclusion, the book considers:

- children who are asylum seekers

- the notion of 'pupil voice'

- what diversity and equality mean in practice

- gender and achievement

- looked-after children

- social class

- disability

- ethnicity and whiteness

This book is essential reading for any education student looking at diversity and inclusion, and for teachers in role looking for advice on how to meet the professional standards.

Gianna Knowles
Gianna Knowles
Diversity, Equality and Educational Achievement
Gianna Knowles
Gianna Knowles
Diverse Familes, Diverse Childhoods
Vini Lander
Ethnicity, Whiteness and Identity
Gianna Knowles
Class, Equality and Achievement
Vini Lander
Boys, Girls, Gender Issues and Achievement
Vini Lander
Coming from a Traveller Background: Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Children - Living on the Margins
Vini Lander
Refugee and Asylum Seeker Children
Gianna Knowles
Looked-after Children - Children in Care
Gianna Knowles
Enabling Equality and Achievement for Children with Disability

This book is very useful for new/experienced teachers and teacher trainers, as well as sociologists and psychologists of education, who are keen to know more about key connections between identity, diversity, equality and achievement, increase their knowledge and understanding of child development, and interrogate their own personal positionality regarding ethnicities, cultures and religions.

Sadia Habib
The Sociological Imagination

An excellent resource for those students who wish to explore the links between educational outcomes and the factors that can impede it. Very useful book in the toolkit for exploration of the factors impacting CYP today

Ms Michelle Yeoman
Children Young People and Education, York St John University
November 17, 2019

This book deals with key issues for educational inclusion, tackling ethnic diversity, social equality, looked after children and asylum seekers, amongst others. It is written in an accessible style and considers key issues for teachers in dealing with a range of learners. While there are a number of references to specifically English educational policy, the wider issues being discussed are dealt with thoughtfully and will be useful to anyone in the teaching profession.

Dr Louise Campbell
Moray House School of Education, Edinburgh University
July 12, 2016

This book is strongly recommended for students on the Inclusion MA module among others. The clear examples, from case studies, thought provoking questions for practitioners to ask themselves all built on a strong theoretical base will undoubtedly aid the process of thinking through issues involved in Masters assignments.

Miss Christine Ann Lewis
Professional Development , Edge Hill University
December 9, 2015

the book is packed full of cases studies and activities that easily promote discussions within the classroom to gain an understanding of the diverse backgrounds of children and their families. The book provides links between the theoretical approaches and the practical approaches that affect children and their families.

Mrs Marion Farnworth
Centre of Health & Childhood Studies, Hopwood Hall College
August 18, 2015

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Mr Jonathan Reid
School of Education, Oxford Brookes University
March 3, 2015

This interesting and engaging text will provide the undergraduate student with useful overviews of issues relating to diversity and equality in Educational settings.

Although each chapter can be read individually to gain an understanding of specific aspects of diversity, read as a whole the reader will develop a more comprehensive understanding of inclusive and exclusionary educational practices.

The case study examples are particularly interesting and help contexualise key themes with real life examples.

Questions for discussion and suggestions of further reading increase reader engagement and interest.

Mr Jonathan Reid
School of Education, Oxford Brookes University
March 3, 2015

This book is a useful text for students studying special needs and disability at undergraduate level.

Miss Sandra Lyndon
Childhood and Youth, University of Chichester
February 17, 2015

Ideal publication for those undertaking the Certificate in Education and Training. Especially suited to the Equality units.

Miss Antoinette Unsworth
teaching and learning, Michaeljohn Training
January 6, 2015

This book addresses key issues which affect children's learning and development linking and links clearly to theoretical perspectives. The chapter regarding identity is particularly useful. The students studying on the Foundation Degree Children and Young People have found this book very useful. An essential read to explore diverse childhoods.

Mrs Jaqueline Braithwaite
Centre for Childhood Studies, Stockport College
December 4, 2014

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