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Digital Social Research

Digital Social Research
Theory and Method

November 2020 | SAGE Publications Ltd

This straightforward, student-focused book is the perfect companion to any student conducting online research.

Through a carefully curated introduction to digital social research literature, the book reviews and compares different debates and gives students the opportunity to engage with a broad range of resources and ideas. Focused on helping students understand as well as do digital research, the authors set out the theoretical perspectives of each step of the research process and link them directly to research design.

It covers:

-          The relationship between offline and online identities

-          Practical ethical concerns like sampling, confidentiality, and storing personal data

-          Limitations and potentials of key digital methods

-          Digital data properties like persistence, searchability, and replicability

-          Collecting, interpreting and using online data

Built around tools, techniques, and real-world examples that showcase the kinds of questions students need to ask, this book gives students the lenses to examine the social world through digital media.

Part I: Digitized Methods and Issues
Chapter 1: Introduction: Re-crafting Social Research
Chapter 2: The Ethics of Researching the Social Online
Chapter 3: Methods--From Offline to Online Environments
Part II: Research in the Digital Era
Chapter 4: The Social Online: Speed and Distinction
Chapter 5: What is the Extent of Real and Internet World Connections?
Chapter 6: Multiple Identities, The Egocentric Network and questions of representation
Chapter 7: The Stickiness of data: Persistence, Searchability and Replicability
Part III: Potentials and Innovation
Chapter 8: The Democratization of knowledge production?
Chapter 9: Researching Online--Rich Qualitative Data
Chapter 10: Digital Social Research Methods: Under Construction

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