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Digital Media Influence

Digital Media Influence
A Cultivation Approach

First Edition

March 2020 | 152 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
From Donald Trump and white male power, to school shootings, misogyny in the media and the #metoo movement, today’s society is bombarded with negative media portrayals. Addressing key issues across global media industries, this book takes a comprehensive look at media effects in the digital age, exploring how we can both understand and analyse these contemporary challenges.

Tying signature Cultivation themes, such as mean world syndrome and masculine hegemony, with contemporary digital media case studies, Ruddock analyses conceptual problems concerning media’s capacity to create realities and inform cultural understandings. This book

• Provides a theoretical and methodological steer for understanding the contemporary issues of media influence.

•  Facilitates this understanding by examining current media puzzles through a cultivation theory lens,  that helps undergraduates advance the sophistication of their research and arguments.

• Includes pedagogy and case studies that draw the reader in

Digital Media Influence offers an engaging and reflective narrative on the development of media theory. In issues of media influence, this book is a must-read for students and researchers alike.
Chapter 1. Cultivation Analysis and the World of George Gerbner
Chapter 2. School Shootings: The Mean World Syndrome
Chapter 3. Stories of White Male Power? Understanding Trumpism
Chapter 4. “Mainstreaming’: How Media Normalise Islamophobia
Chapter 5. Casting and Fate: It's Different for Girls; Policing Women Onscreen
Chapter 6: Things can only get better? The difficulties of building a Cultural Environment Movement
Conclusion: the Crisis in Media Education: a Cultivation Perspective

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ISBN: 9781526499226