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Digital Advertising

Online banner adverts

Online advertising opportunities are available across all SAGE journals on the SJ website:

Offering the opportunity to reach an audience larger than print subscribers alone, your products and services will benefit from high visibility and exposure through online advertising with SAGE. We offer tailored options to meet your advertising needs, including geo-targeting and website linking, and can provide comprehensive usage reports allowing you to calculate return on investment.

Custom expandable and roadblock banners may also be available.


Deliver your advert to the palm of your customer’s hand via a SAGE journals mobile website, allowing users to access your product online directly from a mobile device. Sponsor a mobile website and guarantee the exclusivity and visibility of your product on all pages.

Acceptable file formats: gif, jpg, png


We offer a diverse and highly interactive range of advertising opportunities on our newly-developed journal apps*, giving you the opportunity to tailor your engagement with users according to the format that best suits you.

Advertising opportunities include:

  • Interactive videos,
  • Banner adverts with interlinking from your advert to a web page of your choice,
  • Podcasts,
  • Interstitial adverts.

*available on selected journals only.