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Developmental Psychology

Developmental Psychology

May 2011 | 232 pages | Learning Matters
Covering core topics such as the development of attachment, social relations, cognitive and language development and social and cultural contexts of development, this introductory text addresses the core knowledge domain of developmental psychology. It provides concise and focused coverage of the central concepts, research and debates, while developing students' higher level skills.

Key chapters cover development across the lifespan, including the prenatal period, infancy, childhood, adolescence and adulthood, while activities help readers build the underpinning generic critical thinking and transferable skills they need to become independent learners, and to meet the requirements of their programme of study.

Series Editor's Introduction
Themes and Theories in Developmental Psychology
Prenatal Development, Birth and the Neonate
Development in Infancy
Early Childhood
Middle and Late Childhood
Death, Dying and Bereavement

Excellnt text
Up to date information
excellent critical thinking
Guidance for both lecturer and student.

Miss Sharron Stillyards
health and social care, northlindsey college
December 4, 2012

I found this textbook very helpful for undergraduate students who are studying Developmental Psychology. First, the text is very concise, easy to read and study, especially for international students. Second, the book gives a more European perspective on the issues about development. Finally, this text has good summaries, tables and charts that help undergraduate students learn better. However, I would prefer a bit more interactive text with more pictures, online activities and other additional material for the students to use as a textbook. Also it seemed that more attention could have been given to early, middle, and late adult development.

Mrs Jurgita Babarskiene
Social Sciences, LCC International University
October 31, 2012

Helpful and easy to read as the book is laid out methodically going through life stages. Good material for assessments and transitions work.

Perhaps it would have been helpful to include details about how development for people with learning difficulties can be different. Eg. when developing (or not) peer relationships.

Mrs Sue Williams
Institute of Applied Social Studies, Birmingham University
September 3, 2012

I found that the level of this book would be better for lower levels than year 3 of an undergraduate.

Dr Karen Goodall
Department of Psychology, Queen Margaret University College, Edinburgh
August 17, 2012

An excellent book which focuses on development across the lifespan.

Throughout this book there are possible assignment topics, questions and case studies. These allow students to engage more with the topic, therefore supporting differing learning styles.

Mrs Charlotte Reynolds
Early Years, Merthyr Tydfil College
July 25, 2012

Very good book. Clearly written and laid out. I would have liked it to include more on adult development though.

Dr Fiona McSweeney
Social Science , Dublin Institute of Technology
April 16, 2012