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Developing Public Health Interventions

Developing Public Health Interventions
A Step-by-Step Guide

January 2022 | 264 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
A highly practical guide to public health intervention development. This book has been developed to assist anyone involved with effective health promotion project design. It cuts through the complex theories and technical frameworks to provide a 6 step formula for creating effective and sustainable interventions.

Key features
  • Adopts a pragmatic approach that addresses barriers and challenges to project delivery
  • Utilises the Six Steps in Quality Intervention Development framework - a unique model designed specifically to improve intervention planning
  • Combines the theory and concepts behind intervention development with practical methods of delivery on the ground
  • Includes detailed case studies that provide examples of how the six steps can be used for successful intervention design
As the health needs of an increasingly globalised world continue to evolve and shift, effective planning and intervention work will only become more important. Written by leading researchers and experts who draw on a wealth of experience in the field, this book will be essential reading for any student, practitioner or policy maker requiring an understanding of practical intervention design.  
Introduction to the Book
Principles of Intervention Development
Causality, Systems and Complexity
6SQuID Step 1: Understand the Problem and Its Causes
Step 2: Identifying Modifiable Causal Factors
Step 3: Identifying How to Bring About Change: Theory of Change
Step 4: Identifying How to Deliver Change Mechanisms – Theory of Action
Step 5 of 6squid: Testing and Adapting the Intervention
6SQuID Step 6: Collecting Sufficient Evidence of Effectiveness to Proceed to a Rigorous Evaluation
Case Studies

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