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Developing Academic Skills for Nursing Associates

Developing Academic Skills for Nursing Associates

First edition

January 2021 | 176 pages | Learning Matters
If you are keen to succeed in your studies as a Trainee Nursing Associate, then this is the study skills book for you. Written specifically for TNAs, this book prepares you for higher education by helping you to develop key academic skills like time management, independent learning, academic writing, referencing, and literature searches. The book also covers important skills for your future career as a Nursing Associate, including portfolio development, delivering presentations, and using digital technologies in healthcare. 

Key features:
  • Fully mapped to the new NMC standards of proficiency for nursing associates (2018)
  • Case studies, activities and other learning features help you master the skills, whatever your level.
  • Focused specifically on the skills you will need in your studies and practice, both now and in the future.

ABOUT THE SERIES: The Understanding Nursing Associate Practice series (UNAP) is a new collection of books uniquely designed to support trainee Nursing Associates throughout their training and into a professional career.

Chapter 1: Transition to higher education
Chapter 2: Planning for study
Chapter 3: Ways of learning and learning styles
Chapter 4: Skills for assessments
Chapter 5: Reflective writing
Chapter 6: Digital and technological literacy
Chapter 7: Basic research skills
Chapter 8: Using the Literature
Chapter 9: Academic writing skills
Chapter 10: Presentation skills
Chapter 11: Portfolio development

I am thrilled to see this text written specifically for Nursing Associates. Academic skills are cited by the Nursing Associate student as one of the most daunting aspects of accessing Higher Education. This new book breaks these skills down into manageable chunks, in an easy-to-read manner, whilst relating to the NMC Standards of Proficiency. This is an invaluable read for any Nursing Associate student embarking on their educational journey. 

Nicola Witton
Keele University

A great read and ‘dip-in’ book that will robustly support student/trainee nursing associates throughout their academic journey whilst working and studying full-time. It will most definitely be on our essential reading list. 

Sandy Knowles
University of Plymouth

This will be part of the reading list for the academic literacy framework project being developed throughout the 3 year midwifery programme

Ms Jan Bowden
Florence Nightingale School of Nursing, King's College London
October 5, 2023

recommended to certain students but not adopted to the programme as a whole.

Mrs Angela Rose Woodley
Nursing, University of the Highlands And Islands
October 17, 2022

A great resource for introducing students to academic skills.

Miss Laura Guest
Department of Nursing & Midwifery, Bedfordshire University
November 17, 2023

A good first book for academic writing skills

Mrs Rachel Murray
Department of Nursing, Huddersfield University
September 30, 2022

Good supporting source for apprentices. Liked the NMC mapping; including mapping of apprenticeship standards as well would have supported integration of these into the curriculum (Ofsted requirement).

Mrs Karen Alred
Department of Science & Technology, University of Suffolk
May 11, 2021