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Criminological and Forensic Psychology

Criminological and Forensic Psychology

Third Edition
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February 2024 | 520 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

A truly modern approach to criminological and forensic psychology, this engaging text explores all aspects of the field, from defining forensic psychology, through the psychological explanations of crime and specific crime types, to the application of psychology in detection and investigation, the court room, and prison.

This new edition has been fully updated to include more coverage of social and developmental factors impacting crime, female offenders, and crime in times of crisis, along with a brand-new chapter on stalking and harassment. The inclusion of topical issues such as white supremacy and the #MeToo movement places this book fully in the moment and explores issues that affect us all.

With detailed case studies of real-life crimes throughout, this text is a perfect companion to your studies of forensic psychology at any level.

Helen Gavin was, before retiring in 2023, Subject Lead in Criminal Psychology at the University of Huddersfield.

Section 1 Defining Criminological and Forensic Psychology
1 Psychology and Crime
2 Research Methods in Forensic Psychology
Section 2 Psychological Explanations of Crime
3 Psychological Explanations of Crime
4 Who Commits Crime? The Criminal Mind
5 Juvenile Criminals
Section 3 Psychological Explanations of Specific Crime Types
6 The Psychology of Homicide
7 The Psychology of Terrorism
8 Crimes of a Sexual Nature
9 Stalking and Harassment
10 Intimate Relationship Aggression: Domestic Violence and Domestic Homicide
11 The Psychology of Firesetting
12 The Psychology of Theft, Robbery, and Burglary
13 The Psychology of Economic Crime
Section 4 Psychology in Detection and Investigation
14 Psychology in the Investigation of Crime
15 Psychology in the Police Station 1: Victims and Witnesses
16 Psychology in the Police Station 2: Investigative Interviews and the Psychology of False Confession
Section 5 Psychology in the Court Room
17 Psychology in Court 1: Procedures and Evidence
18 Psychology in Court 2: The Defendant’s Mind
19 Psychology in Court 3: The Mind of the Jury
Section 6 Psychology in Prison
20 Punishment, Rehabilitation, and Psychology
21 Adjustment to Prison Life: Mental Disorder, Life Imprisonment, and Death Row


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PowerPoint presentations including key concepts from each chapter
Course cartridge to allow you to upload the Testbank into your university’s learning management system, so you can easily share the material with your students. 

- Case studies are woven into every chapter and explore real cases, to bring the topic to life and encourage the application of how theories of psychology and techniques are combined when examining real-life crimes.

- Chapter maps at the beginning of each chapter provide a reference for students' learning and a guide to the chapter coverage.

- A dedicated chapter on research methods specific to forensic psychology to help students with their research projects.

- Discussion points at the end of each chapter encourage critical thinking and provide deeper learning opportunities for students to explore with further reading.

- Special interest boxes direct students on to further resources for topics of particular interest that can't be covered extensively in the text.

- New to this edition: dedicated chapter on stalking; boxed and labelled case studies; boxed special interest boxes for clarity; new content on crimes in time of crisis added wherever relevant to engage with a changing world.

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ISBN: 9781529791464

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