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Criminological and Forensic Psychology

Criminological and Forensic Psychology

Second Edition

December 2018 | 480 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The second edition of Criminological and Forensic Psychology is an even more theoretically rigorous, practically relevant, engaging and fun introduction to this broad and fascinating field. It covers both the conceptual basis within which psychology knowledge is applied in forensic contexts and the practical applications of psychology to the criminal civil justice systems.

Key Features:
  • Case studies feature in every chapter and place students in the full context of a criminal case, showing them how psychological theories can be used to explain real-life crimes.

  • In-depth exploration of the fascinating courtroom process including separate chapters on the Defendant’s Mind and The Jury.

  • A dedicated chapter on research methods specific to forensic psychology to help students do their research project around this topic, covering the final year and post-graduate research. 

  • A new chapter on Intimate relationship aggression: Domestic Violence and Domestic Homicide

  • Online resources including chapter-by-chapter multiple choice questions, additional case studies and links to further readings 

Part 1: Defining Criminological and Forensic Psychology
Chapter 1: Defining Forensic Psychology
Chapter 2: Research Methods in Forensic Psychology
Part 2: Psychological Explanations of Crime
Chapter 3: Psychological explanations of crime
Chapter 4: Who Commits Crime? The Criminal Mind
Chapter 5: Juvenile Criminals
Part 3: Psychological Explanations of Specific Crime Types
Chapter 6: The Psychology of Homicide
Chapter 7:The Psychology of Terrorism
Chapter 8: Crimes of a Sexual Nature
Chapter 9: Intimate relationship aggression: domestic violence and domestic homicide
Chapter 10: The Psychology of Firesetting
Chapter 11: The Psychology of Theft, Robbery and Burglary
Chapter 12: The Psychology of Economic Crime
Part 4: Psychology in Detection and Investigation
Chapter 13: Psychology in the Investigation of Crime
Chapter 14: Psychology in the Police Station 1: Victims and Witnesses
Chapter 15: Psychology in the Police Station 2: Investigative Interviews and the Psychology of False Confession
Part 5: Psychology in the Court Room
Chapter 16: Psychology in Court 1
Chapter 17: Psychology in Court 2: The Defendant’s Mind
Chapter 18: Psychology in Court 3: The Mind of the Jury
Part 6: Psychology in Prison
Chapter 19: Psychology in Prison
Chapter 20: Adjustment to prison life: Mental disorder, life imprisonment and death row.


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For students:

  • Multiple Choice Questions per chapter to test understanding of the topic

For lecturers:

  • Test bank including Multiple Choice Questions and Short Answer Questions per chapter
  • PowerPoint presentations including key concepts from each chapter


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