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Crime and Justice in India

Crime and Justice in India

First Edition
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April 2013 | 474 pages | SAGE India
Criminology and criminal justice is in its infancy in India. This book attempts to examine India's crime problem in detail and document if and how its criminal justice system has responded to emerging challenges and opportunities. The objective is to move beyond mere observations and thoughtful opinions, and make contributions that are the next steps in the development of an empirical (or evidence-based) criminology and criminal justice on this vast and diverse country-by focusing on research that is both balanced and precise.

This book brings together a diverse set of 32 academics from India, the US, and the UK who have authored 19 chapters on many aspects of crime and justice in India.

The organizational components or sectors of the criminal justice system are the police, the courts, and corrections. The studies collected here provide balanced coverage of the entire criminal justice system and not just one component of it. The first section of this book consists of overviews of several major issues that affect the entire criminal justice system. Section Two considers topics related to the gateway of the criminal justice system, policing. Section Three takes up the operational problems of criminal law and courts and Section Four deals with the difficult question of punishment and correction, the last part of the criminal justice system.


Graeme R Newman

Governance and Coercion in India

Arvind Verma
Public Order in India: An Empirical Study

T K Vinod Kumar
The Depiction of Corruption in English-Language Indian Fiction

Gilbert Geis
Crime, Criminals, Treatment, and Punishment: An Exploratory Study of Views among College Students in India and the US

Sudershan Pasupuleti, Eric G Lambert, Shanhe Jiang, Jagadish V Bhimarasetty and K Jaishankar
Criminological and Criminal Justice Education in India

N Prabha Unnithan
Secularism and Preventing Terrorism in India

Raghu Naath Singh and Dharam Pal Singh
Citizens' Perceptions of Police Integrity in India: An Empirical Exploration

Mahesh K Nalla and Manish Madan
All-Women Police Stations in Tamil Nadu and Their Focus on Crimes against Women

Sesha Kethineni and Murugesan Srinivasan
Impact of Higher Education upon Perceptions of Police Officers in India

Julia Scott, Douglas Evans, and Arvind Verma
Police Shootings: Perceived Culture of Approval

Jyoti Belur
Nature of Work, Safety, and Trust in Private Security in India: A Study of Citizen Perceptions of Security Guards

Mahesh K Nalla, Kiran Ommi, and V Sreemannarayana Murthy
Crimes against Women in India

Sheetal Ranjan
Examining Legal Responses to Sexual Violence: A Review of Court Systems in India

Meghna Bhat and Aimee Wodda
Towards a Compliance Model: The Indian Supreme Court and the Attempted Revolution in Child Rights

Sesha Kethineni and Jeremy Braithwaite
Plea Bargaining: A New Law Adopted by the Indian Criminal Justice System

Mathai Vairamon Mathew
An Assessment of the Mental Health of Street-Based Sex Workers in Chennai, India

Geetha Suresh, L Allen Furr, and Aylur Kailasom Srikrishnan
The Death Penalty in India

David T Johnson
The Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2000: Protection, Rehabilitation, and Reform

Divya Sharma
Prisons, Corrections, and Recidivism in Indian Culture and Society

S George Vincentnathan and Lynn Vincentnathan



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