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Cracking the Code of Education Reform

Cracking the Code of Education Reform
Creative Compliance and Ethical Leadership

Foreword by Joshua Starr, CEO of PDK International

October 2019 | 176 pages | Corwin
Lead between the lines— evaluate Ed policies to emphasize the positives and minimize the negatives

Although educational reform is intended for positive change, sometimes it misses the mark.  However, when school leaders capitalize on the positive aspects of reforms they can strategize to ensure the best outcomes for students.

Christopher Tienken, professor and international speaker, shares his insights on how to identify both positive and negative aspects of education reform to maximize the benefits for students. This book introduces a practical framework for interpreting educational reform within an evidence-based practice, and provides thoughtful ways to finesse results out of challenging policies. Designed for use on the ground level, this book features:
Seven specific creative compliance strategies to maximize student and educator success
Case studies that illustrate how to critique reforms and take action
Reflective questions to guide evaluation and application
Ethical decision-making checklist

Analyzing both successful and unsuccessful reform ideas from the past, this book champions creative compliance and how to lead innovatively/judiciously. 
Foreword by Joshua Starr
About the Author
Creatively Comply!  
Reform Defined  
Framing the Issues  
Organization of the Book  
Features of the Book  
Why I Wrote This Book  
Part I. Reform Critique
Chapter 1. Ethical Context of Education Reform and Compliance
Ethics Within the Context of Education Reform  
The Ethical Dilemma  
Ethical Responsibility  
Leadership Take-Away: Ethics  
Chapter 2. Creative Compliance
Creative Leadership Pathways  
Seven Creative Compliance Strategies  
Compliance Entrepreneur  
Failure Is an Option  
Leadership Take-Away: Creative Compliance  
Chapter 3. Reframing Reform
Reframe It!  
Framing Reform  
A Framework for Critique  
Ethical Evidence  
Now What? and Creative Compliance  
Leadership Take-Away: Framing Reform  
Part II. Reform Case Studies
Chapter 4. Case Study 1: Reframing Rigor
Origins of Rigor  
What Is Rigor?  
Redefining Rigor  
Complexity Versus Difficulty  
Goldilocks View of Rigor  
Complex Curriculum Standards  
Rigor in the Context of Democracy  
Functional Fixedness and Knowledge Reproduction  
So What? Understanding the Big Picture of Rigor  
Ethical Considerations  
Creative Compliance and Now What?  
Leadership Take-Away: Rigor  
Chapter 5. Case Study 2: Using or Abusing Standardized Test Results?
Large-Scale Use  
Three-Legged Stool of Validity  
Standards of Testing  
So What? Understanding the Big Picture of Assessment Use  
Ethical Considerations  
Creative Compliance: Now What?  
Leadership Take-Away: Testing Use  
Chapter 6. Case Study 3: Merit Pay
Money for Merit  
Theoretical Frameworks for Merit Pay  
Previous Experience With Merit Pay in Education  
Profit Over People  
So What? Understanding the Big Picture of Merit Pay  
Ethical Considerations  
Creative Compliance: Now What?  
Leadership Take-Away: Merit Pay  
Part III. Promising Practices
Chapter 7. Case Study 4: Recess of the Mind
Walking in Their Shoes  
Options for Recess of the Mind  
Move It!  
Recess of the Mind at Work  
Mindfulness in Nanuet  
Well-Being in White Plains  
Charting a Course in Pennsylvania  
So What? Understanding the Big Picture of Recess of the Mind  
Creative Compliance  
Leadership Take-Away: Recess of the Mind  
Chapter 8. Case Study 5: Problem- and Project-Based Learning
Importance of Active Learning  
So What? Understanding the Big Picture of PBL  
Creative Compliance  
Leadership Take-Away: PBL  
Chapter 9. Final Issues
Spencer Returns  
Top 10  
Crack the Code and Act!  

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