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CQ's Desk Reference on the Economy

CQ's Desk Reference on the Economy
Over 600 Questions That Will Help You Understand News, Trends, and Issues

First Edition

April 2000 | 352 pages | CQ Press
CQÆs Desk Reference on the Economy includes more than 600 questions and answers covering U.S. economic issues in the context of our government institutions, as well as presidential and congressional policy. Students, researchers, and interested citizens can easily find understandable information they need about front-page, high-profile economic issues.''''CQÆs Desk Reference on the Economy is designed to help voters, teachers, and students gain a basic understanding of the most important policies and issues in the U.S. economy. Readers will see the light go on ôperhaps for the first time everö as they begin to make more and more sense of such complicated issues as:''''Medicaid spending and the impact of managed care''Social Security funding for future generations.''Is the federal budget really balanced?''What are the implications of the U.S. trade deficit?''''''''CQÆs Desk Reference on the Economy also includes an historical context by tracking presidential and party-based economic performance since WWII, from Truman to Clinton. Especially valuable during this past year of presidential politics and debate, the book is a valuable tool to understanding what the economic policies of presidential candidates can mean for the pocketbooks of American voters, as well as helping students understand how the economy works in a democracy.''''CQÆs Desk Reference on the Economy is the perfect basic reference for everyone who wants to understand more about the economic issues that affect them directly every day of their lives.''

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ISBN: 9781568025261