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Counselling in a Nutshell

Counselling in a Nutshell

Second Edition

December 2010 | 144 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
What is counselling and how does it work? Counselling in a Nutshell provides the answers to these questions and more, as part of a step-by-step guide to the counselling relationship and the therapeutic process.

Drawing together theory from the psychodynamic, person-centred and cognitive-behavioural approaches, Windy Dryden explores:

- bonds between counsellor and client

- goals and tasks of counselling

- stages of the therapeutic process

- core therapeutic change.

This revised and updated second edition also includes new material on person centred and psychodynamic counselling, further discussion of the influence of counselling contexts on the work of counsellors, and five discussion issues at the end of each chapter to stimulate thinking.

Counselling in a Nutshell provides a concise introduction to core components of the therapeutic relationship and process and is suitable for counsellors of all orientations.

The Components of Counselling in a Nutshell
Counselling as a Process
A Final Note
Appendix 1

This is a great little book which introduces a number of issues within counselling studies in a succinct yet critical style. The discussion questions at the end of each section are particularly useful to allow the reader to reflect on their own attitudes towards the issues raised. I would wholeheartedly recommend this to students who are starting a course in counselling studies, and feel there is sufficient scope for them to return to it again and again throughout their studies.

Mrs Suzi Smale
Psychology, Petroc College
May 31, 2018

This pocket sized book has everything you need to know about Person -Centred Counselling. A must have for any student studying this topic. Very easy to read and would recommend.

Miss Nicola Lord
department of health, preston collage
July 11, 2014

Nice short introduction to counselling.

Dr Amy Irwin
School of Psychology, Aberdeen University
October 17, 2013

I will be recommending this book as essential reading to my students as a concise and practical introduction to counselling.

Miss Amy Hill
Education, Blackburn College
August 13, 2013

Easy access text that provides a good introduction to the process of counselling and the use of counselling skills

Ms Wendy Smith
School of Health and Life Sciences, Glasgow Caledonian University
June 22, 2013

A useful book, good layout and contains a good introduction to the topic. Useful for level 3 students. Will defintley use on the course.

Miss Amy Yorke
Health and Social Care, Warrington Collegiate
June 18, 2013

A well written book that was pleasurable to read. However, 'in a nutshell' suggests that this is a brief guide - it is not and besides, I would be extremely surprised if such a vast topic could be presented as a brief guide.

Mr Tony Barlow
Nursing, Birmingham City University
August 30, 2011

The book has not been rejected, just not yet adopted. It is under review by dept. members.

Professor Tom Seay
Department of Counselling & Psychology, Hong Kong Shue Yan University
March 31, 2011

An interesting overview of what is involved in counselling and counselling training. The latest updates bring this handy little book bang up to date.

Louise Young
Schl of Education & Life Long Learning, University of East Anglia
March 14, 2011

A really accessible introduction to both Counselling and the core components of the Therapeutic Alliance. The sections headed 'Discussion Issues' are ideal for promoting reflection.

Mr John Perry
School of Medicine, Southampton General Hospital
February 15, 2011

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