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Controversial Issues in Energy Policy

Controversial Issues in Energy Policy

October 1992 | 158 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
How has the world coped with past energy crises? In this volume, Marcus reveals both the shortcomings and failures and the surprising successes of past efforts. With the decline of the Cold War, energy policy issues are among the most important factors in world politics. Energy policies provide a new context for the evolution of other internationally significant policies; namely, global trade, new Eastern European economies and emerging environmental issues. Introducing energy issues by reviewing events which transpired in the Persian Gulf after August 1990, Marcus then examines trends in energy productionnsumption worldwide since the first energy supply crisis of 1973. Ensuing chapters discuss the economics and the politics of energy policy, the role of markets and governments and the parts played by supplier and user nations from countries to cartels.
An Introduction to Energy Policy
The Crisis in the Gulf

Energy Economics
US Government Policies
The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
Comparative Energy Policies
Nuclear Power
The Electric Utility Industry Faces the Future

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