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Tracey Lawrence

school, she volunteers with a group for adults with Special Educational Needs, providing opportunities for them to develop their organisational …

Tomlinson, Carol

Carol Ann Tomlinson

Carol Ann Tomlinson‘s career as an educator includes … special classes for students identified as gifted and students with learning … administrator of special services for advanced and struggling learners. She was …

Gloria Rodriguez

educational investment that reflect efforts to build upon community strengths in order to address community needs within and beyond educational settings … AMAE) Journal special issue on testimonios of Latina/o educational

What are the Professional Skills Tests?

their specialism." (Department for Education, 2015 … The Department for Education on the Professional Skills … the core skills that teachers need to fulfil their profesional role in …

Louise Long

Masters’ modules in special educational needs and pastoral issues, as well as … Louise Long is a senior lecturer in education at Saint … M-level research dissertations. Louise is a chartered educational

Casale-Giannola, Diane

Diane Casale-Giannola

is on the Special Education Advisory Board, which consults with … is currently a Associate Professor in the School of Education at Rider University. She received her Master’s of Science, specializing in Special

Ghere, Gail

Gail S. Ghere

Minnesota in educational policy and program evaluation. She has a Masters degree in Special Education with practice experience as a related service provider. Over her career, she worked in Pre K-12 education in rural …

Robson, Colin

Colin Robson

mainly in aspects of special educational needs, at Huddersfield in … Doctoral level, covering a wide range of disciplines - education, social … a decade, chief Consultant at the Centre for Educational Research and …

Darcy J. Hutchins

workshops. She also has experience working with young children with special needs. She is co-author of the book Family Reading Night (2008, Eye on Education), which guides educators to conduct effective literacy …

Chester, Kimberly

Kimberly B. Chester

in special education from Kennesaw State University. Currently, she … Kim Chester served as a regular education teacher in … to meet the diverse needs in her classroom. After her youngest child …

Vianne Timmons

aboriginal children, inclusion of children with special needs and knowledge … dean of education at the University of Prince Edward Island and chair for the Department of Education at St Francis Xavier University. Editor of …