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Rodriguez, Eleanor

Eleanor Renee Rodriguez

superintendent, with assign­ments that included preK through adult education and with an emphasis on meeting the needs of students with special needs. In … eliminate the achievement gap and to help educators believe, behave, and …

Sue Ann Kline

doc-torate in special education from the University of Kansas. For more than … as a special education consultant across the State of Kansas. She has … workshops on various topics related to children and youth who have special

Ochan Kusuma-Powell

Kusuma-Powell has developed and implemented inclusive special education programs … an outspoken advocate for children with special needs globally … Education Across Frontiers, an organization that promotes teacher education

Tutt, Rona

Rona Tutt

OBE for her services to special needs education. She is a Past President … ‘Partnership Working to Support Special Educational Needs and Disabilities in … which is known as MIP3.  She represents NAHT on the Special Education

Nannette Marie Samson

teacher whose degrees include both Elementary and Special Education, she has over 26 years of experience teaching students with special needs in self … a district-wide consultant to general and special education teachers regarding …

Jan L. Stivers

students with special needs in general education classes. She has … Janet L. Stivers is associate professor of special education … the Board of Directors of the Northeastern Educational Research …

Melissa A. Stormont

been involved in special education and psychology for over 15 years. Dr … Professor in Special Education at the University of Missouri. Dr. Stormont has published extensive research related to the educational and social needs of …

Montie, Joanne

Jo Montie

in schools as a special education teacher. She has been teaching at the … Jo Montie Jo received her MA in Educational … the areas of teacher education program development and online teaching …

Hannell, Glynis

Glynis Hannell

psychologist working with children and adolescents with special needs, their … Development, both from London University. She has worked as an educational and developmental psychologist in education departments, child health organizations …

Conor Mc Guckin

interests relate to the areas of psychology applied to educational policy and processes, psychology of education, bully/victim problems among children and adults, special educational needs, psychometrics and testing, religiosity …

Rachel Hewett

Disability Inclusion and Special Needs in the School of Education, University … education through to adulthood and the labor market. She is also preparing to … experiences of young people with visual impairment into higher education