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O'Meara, Jodi

Jodi O'Meara

special needs and a professional developer for educators and administrators … education, special education and gifted education, she recognizes the diverse … instruction for students with special needs as well as students identified as …

Eija Kärnä

children with special educational needs. Her research interests are inclusive education, children with special educational needs, particularly with Autism … Finland. Professor Kärnä received her PhD in Special Education from Syracuse …

Education News

Preparing Teachers for a Global Society: What Special Education Teachers Neededucation This special issue celebrates the musical lives of young children … the importance of expanding the global knowledge of special education

Tony Pryce

Tony Pryce has worked as a Special Needs Educator and has trained in performance in a variety of institutions. He has written a number of plays which have been performed, and runs drama workshops, aimed at young people, for …

Herbert, Sarah

Sarah H. Herbert

Sarah Herbert is a Local Authority Advisory Teacher and trainer with SENJIT. She spent much of her teaching career working as a special educational needs coordinator and teaching in and managing inclusive units …

Erin E. Barton

Denver. She teaches courses in Early Childhood Special Education on … special needs and their families. She is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst … settings. Prior to her current position, she was a special education teacher …

SAGE Education News

Exceptional Children— #2 in Education, SpecialEducation, SpecialEducation, Special

Clare Woolhouse

projects exploring the experiences of teaching assistants and special educational needs co-ordinators (SENCOs) pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate … understandings and experiences of educational inclusion and special education

DeRuvo, Silvia

Silvia L. DeRuvo

Silvia L. DeRuvo is a special education resources … an elementary special educator for nearly 20 years, and a teacher … the classroom, as well as in state special education leadership, has …

Aronoff, Gail

Gail A. Aronoff

educational consultant who worked for 37 years in several schools, both as teacher and administrator. She has worked with students with special needs … reluctant learners and those with special needs. Mrs. Aronoff currently serves …

Michelle A. Langa

Director of Special Education, Executive Director of two different specialspecial education teacher.  Presently, she is the Curriculum … Families of Children with Special Needs.” Michelle has presented at state and …

Sally Neaum

in Educational Psychology and Special Educational Needs and her …