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Award-winning resources for Canadian post-secondary education

Access the award-winning SAGE Video and SAGE Research Methods collections in health and social wellness curated to meet the diverse needs of Canadian faculty and students. Providing a well-rounded academic experience that informs social welfare, policy, and healthcare, SAGE digital library products support a comprehensive learning experience through varied and interdisciplinary content for enhancing any course modality, as well as research projects. 

SAGE Video grows with new collections in Sociology and Criminology & Criminal Justice

Los Angeles, CA. SAGE Publishing today announces that it has expanded SAGE Video, its highly reviewed library of streaming videos across the social sciences, to include two new collections: Sociology and Criminology & Criminal Justice. Hosted on SAGE Knowledge platform and designed to enhance research, teaching, and learning at all levels, the new collections contain 115 hours+ of streaming video content each, more than 65% of which is exclusive to SAGE.

SAGE announces new editors for its longest-held journal Urban Affairs Review

Los Angeles, CA - Jered Carr of University of Missouri, Kansas City, Peter Burns of Loyola University of New Orleans, Annette Steinacker of Loyola University of Chicago, and Antonio Tavares of University of Minho, Portugal have been appointed as the new Editors-in-Chief of Urban Affairs Review (UAR). Originally Urban Affairs Quarterly, UAR is SAGE’s first publication and will publish its 50th volume in January of 2014.

ESRC announces winners of national writing competition: Better Lives

The ESRC, in partnership with SAGE Publishing, has announced the winners of its third student writing competition 'Better Lives' where ESRC-funded PhD students were asked to explain how their research has an impact on improving the lives of people. Two winners were picked from 12 finalists with 117 applicants entering the competition in total.

Robo-advisors, financial literacy, and policy changes: New research presents alternative methods to manage income during retirement

The need to help retirees make prudent spending decisions has led to the growth of a large industry of financial advisors, but a new article suggests that improved policy approaches may be more effective. Published in Policy Insights from the Behavioral and Brain Sciences, the study reviews the psychology behind rapid spending decisions and presents five policy options that lead to the smarter self-management of assets.

Sage 学科资源中心

Sage 全新学科资源中心现已上线!Sage学科资源中心旨在通过学科分类将大量出版内容集中并清晰地呈现,以便于研究人员、图书管理员和作者查找和浏览所需内容和资源。Sage学科资源中心将借助网站优化及相关技术,提升用户在Sage期刊网站内检索出版资源的使用体验,有效促进和提升相关期刊的使用率。


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SAGE Publishing Statement on Plan S

We understand the signatories of Plan S are frustrated by the pace of transition to open access (OA), but we believe that the hybrid option is a crucial element in the transformation, as long as it is underpinned by meaningful local and global offsetting polices and liberal Author Accepted Manuscript (AAM) archiving policies. While we do not view hybrid OA as an end in itself, we believe it has an important role to play in the transformation of less well-funded disciplines.