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SAGE Founder Sara Miller McCune Honored by Bath and Cardiff Universities

London, UK - SAGE is delighted to announce that its founder and executive chairman Sara Miller McCune was recently awarded an honorary doctorate from Bath University and an honorary fellowship from Cardiff University.

Ms. McCune was honored for her esteemed work and contribution to the field of social sciences not only through the global publishing goals of SAGE, but also through her personal philanthropic work in various global communities.

Speaking at the ceremony in Bath, Professor Colin B. Grant remarked:

SAGE strengthens geography and psychology portfolio with acquisition of Pion

London, UK - SAGE, one of the world’s leading independent and academic publishers, has today announced the purchase of Pion Limited, independent publisher of high quality academic journals founded by Adam Gelbtuch and John Ashby in 1959. The sale was announced jointly by Chairman for Pion, David Cohen and Stephen Barr, President SAGE International.

Emotional baggage? Dirty occupation – Don’t taint our profession

London - Social scientists suggest that we view workers in distasteful professions who do our “dirty work” as tainted – physically, socially or morally. Now researchers have named emotion as a fourth form of dirt and explain why professions dealing with difficult or threatening emotions are stigmatised by society.