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Social Work & Social Policy

Work. Social Work & Social Policy … SAGE is one of the world’s leading independent social work … cited journals in social work and social care, with titles such as …

Social Work

Interprofessional Collaboration in Social Work Practice » DePoy, Elizabeth … Social Work: An Introduction » Myers, John E.B … Reisch, Michael: Social Policy

Dignity at Work

at Work policy. Staff should not be concerned that reporting such … Policy   Policy Statement The purpose of this …

Sociology and Cultural Studies

Essentials of Clinical Social Work » Brandell, Jerrold R.: Theory and Practice in Clinical Social Work, Second Edition » … in Social Work for the 21st Century » Burghardt, Steve …

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basket/cart. SAGE's cookie policy To be able to … used in accordance with Google’s policies, and we do not transmit … separate privacy policies. SAGE does not respond to “Do Not Track” …

SAGE 学科资源中心

是社会工作与社会政策领域的领先出版商。SAGE拥有该领域的高质量期刊以及相关领域的主要期刊,此外SAGE书籍清单中所列教科书的深度和广度可满足学生、讲师以及相关教学人员的需要。   药理学、毒理学与病理学 SAGE 药理学 …

Episode 3: Navigating Resistance to Equity Work

school sites, influencing policy, and presenting with John Hattie. He has worked … How we all are socialized to race, and how that socialization impacts our students What is the "white …

Discipline Hubs at SAGE Pharmacology, Toxicology and Pathology … Social Work SAGE is a leading Social Work