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SAGE is one of the leading, independent publishers in Religion. We publish journals from prestigious religious associations and our portfolio includes world-class titles such as Theological Studies, Journal for the Study of the Old Testament and Expository Times. SAGE Religion is a rapidly growing list, publishing journals on a wide range of religions and topics, from biblical studies and theology to mission studies and religious ethics.

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Your role as Editor

At SAGE we value very highly the role our Editors play. As Editor you will be driving your journal forward: ensuring that it is publishing high quality research, meeting the needs of its readership, and ensuring that it is responding to developments within the discipline or field of study. As your publisher, our aim is to support you and your Editorial Board by providing information and advice on all publishing matters, and especially any issues that could affect the quality and ethical standing of the journal.

SAGE 学科资源中心

SAGE 全新学科资源中心现已上线!SAGE学科资源中心旨在通过学科分类将大量出版内容集中并清晰地呈现,以便于研究人员、图书管理员和作者查找和浏览所需内容和资源。SAGE学科资源中心将借助网站优化及相关技术,提升用户在SAGE期刊网站内检索出版资源的使用体验,有效促进和提升相关期刊的使用率。


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Statement of intent regarding diversity, equity, inclusion and decolonising the curriculum

At SAGE, we want our books to empower people from all backgrounds to learn from and contribute to scholarship. We are working to ensure our publishing is inclusive and we have committed to embedding a sophisticated understanding of diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility in our books. Our goal is for our texts to be free from bias and prejudice and to reflect the diversity of students reading them.

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