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‘Colonial America’ receives ‘Best Reference’ award from Library Journal

Annual Library Journal award celebrates the unique nature of this ‘game-changing’ digital collection

Marlborough. Colonial America: Complete CO5 files from The National Archives, UK, 1606-1822 has been awarded Library Journal’s ‘Best Reference’ title after recently described as a “superb addition to any research collection” in The Charleston Advisor (Vol.17, No.3, Jan 2016).

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Our Sales and Marketing teams have developed an extensive range of activities to maximize the market potential of your book. You can find more details in the 'Introduction to Sales and Marketing' document below, as well as some ideas on how you can help to promote your book to your contacts and networks.

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The First World War Portal Awarded Best Reference by Library Journal

The combined award covers both First World War collections: Personal Experiences and Propaganda and Recruitment

Marlborough, England - Digital primary sources publisher, Adam Matthew, announced today that The First World War Portal is the latest Adam Matthew collection to be awarded Best Reference by Library Journal.

QASS Customer Stories

"SAGE's 'little green books' have been my 'go to' source for quick and easy introductions to statistical methods for over 25 years. From Cluster Analysis and Factor Analysis to Multiple Comparisons and Bootstrapping (some of my favorites!), SAGE's little green books are always clear, uncluttered, and practical. Happy anniversary QASS series!"

- Nancy Collins, The University of California, Santa Barbara

Your roadmap to the nation’s capital: Washington Information Directory 2015–2016

Washington, DC. Because it’s filled with so many different governmental and nongovernmental agencies, offices, and officials, Washington, D.C., feels like a foreign land to many Americans. How do they find the right contact at the right organization? Where do they find specifics about equal employment opportunities, finance and investments, housing, immigration, terrorism, internships, or consumer product and food safety? Washington Information Directory 2015–2016 from CQ Press Reference is the perfect place to turn. 

Get the facts about real "soldiers of fortune" in: Mercenaries: A Guide to Private Armies and Private Military Companies

Washington, DC - From Sleepy Hollow’s the Headless Horseman to Jason Bourne, Rambo, The A-Team, and Soldier of Fortune magazine, we’re fascinated by fictitious mercenaries and those who seem to be able to solve the world’s security issues in unique and behind-the-scenes ways. Are those types of soldiers really active in our world—or are they just a product of popular culture’s imagination?

Counselling & Psychotherapy

SAGE is the world’s leading independent publisher for counselling and psychotherapy and we are proud to have published books over several decades that have helped support training in the psychological therapies, including many bestselling publications from leading figures in the field.

We also publish handbooks, major works, reference texts and journals for academics, students and researchers.

Business & Management

As an independent publisher, Sage Business & Management has been at the forefront of research and scholarship, marked by our influential, fast-growing textbooks programme and prominent portfolio of journals and reference materials.

From Leadership and Marketing, to Human Resource Management and Organisation Studies, our critical, thought-provoking books for undergraduates and postgraduates empower students to shape the future of business and contribute to building a thriving global society.