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Discover how the mind and the body are linked in SAGE Reference's Encyclopedia of Sport and Exercise Psychology

Los Angeles - Why do some athletes reach the very top of their sport and others don’t? Is it possible to train an athlete’s mental processes, alongside the physical training, to achieve peak performance, maintain concentration, motivation and competitive drive—even when dealing with competitors, teammates, audiences, parents, coaches, or injuries? The new two-volume Encyclopedia of Sport and Exercise Psychology from SAGE Reference explores the theory, research, and application of psychology as it relates to sport and fitness.

From the Heart of Dixie (Alabama) to the Equality State (Wyoming), how does your state rank among the rest? State Rankings 2015: A Statistical View of America

Washington, DC Which state ranks first in per-capita personal income? Which one has the highest crime rate? Which state has the highest percentage of its population graduated from high school? Finding answers to questions like these can take a lot of research and time—unless the researcher has access to the new State Rankings 2015: A Statistical View of America, published annually by CQ Press.

The SAGE Encyclopedia of Abnormal and Clinical Psychology presents new and foundational concepts about the field

Providing students, scholars, and practitioners an introduction to the full scope of the field, SAGE Publishing announces the publication of The SAGE Encyclopedia of Abnormal and Clinical Psychology. The new 7-volume resource contains more than 1,400 signed articles that discuss essential approaches and theories, numerous mental health disorders, assessment tools and psychotherapeutic interventions, and the social, legal, and cultural foundations that have caused controversy in abnormal and clinical psychology.

SAGE Publishing and The Foundation for Gender-Specific Medicine publish Gender and the Genome

SAGE Publishing today announces a partnership with The Foundation for Gender-Specific Medicine to publish Gender and the Genome. A peer-reviewed, open access publication, the journal examines ways in which biological sex influences new science of the 21st century, particularly in the areas of technology and human life.

Comprised of original research, reviews, and commentaries, Gender and the Genome covers topics such as:

Children and Adolescent Therapy

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Take a look below at the free resources on children and adolescent therapy. We've put together these pages with videos, sample chapters, questionnaires and various other useful resources to help you get started.