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Sarah Travis

Sarah Dentry-Travis is a PhD candidate in Politics and International Relations at the University of Reading, UK. Her research interests include identity formation in armed forces personnel, police and other …

Lloyd Pettiford

Lloyd Pettiford is a former Professor or International Relations and an … working on topics as diverse as terrorism, environmental politics

Risse, Thomas

Thomas Risse

Relations, Foreign and Se-curity Policy at the Otto Suhr Institute of Political … Chair of International Relations at the European University Institute's … Committee of the Joint Master program in International Relations of the Freie …

Katsuhiko Mori

Katsuhiko Mori is professor of international relations at the College of Liberal Arts at the International Christian University … Government and Management, Japan International Cooperation Agency …

Encyclopedia Backlist Collection

A Reference Handbook 21st Century Political Science: A Reference … Educational Reform and Dissent International Encyclopedia of … Processes and Intergroup Relations Encyclopedia of Health and …

Brandt, Patrick

Patrick T. Brandt

institutions, political economy, and international relations.  He received an A.B … Patrick T. Brandt is an Assistant Professor of Political Science in the … published in the American Journal of Political Science and …

David Pion-Berlin

Political Studies, International Studies Quarterly, The Journal of Democracy … David Pion-Berlin is a Professor of Politicalrelations, defense, security, and human rights. Among his recent publications …

Simmons, Beth

Beth A Simmons

International Relations (2002). Simmons, Beth … include international law, international human rights, and international political economy. She is author of Who Adjusts? Domestic Sources of Foreign …

Luciano Baracco

Professor in Political Science and International Relations at the Middle East … contemporary conflict, terrorism, Latin American politics, and international … research on globalisation and Indigenous political movements in Latin America …

Songok Han Thornton

University in Taiwan. Her research specialties are International Relations and globalization/International Political Economy. She is the co-author of Development Without Freedom: The Politics of Asian Globalization (2008). Her other …


Politics & International Relations