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Browne, William

William J. Browne

element the 2nd year vet students and the 2nd year ABW students; a 2 hour … 2nd year vet students. Browne, William …

Freeman, David

David E. Freeman

Administrators 2nd edition, ESL Teaching: Principles for Success 2nd … Reading, Spelling, and Grammar, 2nd edition, Between Worlds: Access to … bilingües y de doble inmersión, 2nd edition, Teaching …

Freeman, Yvonne

Yvonne S. Freeman

and Administrators 2nd edition, ESL Teaching: Principles for Success 2nd edition, Essential Linguistics: What Teachers Need to Know to Teach ESL, Reading, Spelling, and Grammar, 2nd

Jonathan P. West

Politics and the Environment (2nd. Ed., SUNY Press, 2015) and The Professional Edge: Competencies in Public Service (2nd ed., Sharpe, 2010 …

Wolcott, Harry

Harry Fletcher Wolcott

Transforming Qualitative Data (SAGE 1994); Art of Fieldwork (2nd ed., Altamira Press 2005); Ethnography: A Way of Seeing (2nd ed., Altamira Press 2008 …

Zionts, Paul

Paul Zionts

Students (2nd edition) and Inclusion Strategies for Students with Learning … Autism (2nd edition) and Understanding Children and Youth with Emotional …

Jonson, Kathleen

Kathleen Feeney Jonson

Handbook (1st edition 1997, 2nd edition 2001), Being an Effective Mentor: How to Help Beginning Teachers Succeed (1st edition 2002, 2nd

Richard John Ellis

books include The Development of the American Presidency (2015; 2nd … American Political System (with Michael Nelson, 3nd ed., 2016 …

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Richard Steinberg

Richard Steinberg is Professor of Economics, Philanthropic Studies, and Public Affairs at IUPUI. He coedited The Nonprofit Sector: A Research Handbook, 2nd Ed., coauthored Economics for Nonprofit Mangers, and …