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Marcee Lynn Metzger

University of Nebraska’s Women’s Resource Center director, and interpersonal

Alec Grant

behavioural psychotherapy, and communication and interpersonal skills. His …

Rogers, Michaela

Michaela Rogers

Dr Michaela Rogers is a lecturer of social work who is involved in both research and teaching across the areas of social care, social justice, equality and diversity, safeguarding, interpersonal

Nien-Tsu Nancy Chen

media, interpersonal communication, and community context in shaping health …

Stirling Moorey

complexity, adversity and interpersonal process in CBT. His research interests …

Anna Lavender

on interpersonal processes in therapy, and has worked extensively with …

Meara H. Faw

classes on interpersonal and health communication. In addition, she conducts …

Bree McEwan

focuses on the intersection of interpersonal communication and social …

Kristin Marie Kenneavy

Kristin Kenneavy is an associate professor of Sociology at Ramapo College of New Jersey. Her research interests include sexual and interpersonal violence prevention, sexuality …

Sarah E. Riforgiate

concentrate on the intersections of organizational and interpersonal

Paul J. Chara

interpersonal relationships, and social interaction. Chara, Paul J …