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Mark P. Orbe

interpersonal-intercultural communication, co-cultural communication, intergroup relations, mass …

Ian Chaston which offers free online training in IT and interpersonal skills to …

Baxter, Leslie

Leslie A. Baxter

articles on interpersonal and family communication. She is the recipient of …

Alec Grant

communication and interpersonal skills. His current and developing narrative …

William D. Marelich

organizational settings, patient-provider interactions, interpersonal

Marianne Dainton

interpersonal communication, group communication, and organizational …

Seabury, Brett

Brett Seabury

Associate Professor Emeritus Brett Seabury has a primary interest in interpersonal practice and has practiced social work in mental health and child welfare settings, as well as in the U.S. Army. His current research and …

Marcee Lynn Metzger

University of Nebraska’s Women’s Resource Center director, and interpersonal