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Ash, James

James Ash

James Ash is a geographer and Senior Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies at Newcastle University. His research investigates the cultures, economies and …

Ramesh Srinivasan

Ramesh Srinivasan is Director of the UC Digital Cultures Lab and a professor at UCLA who works across the world to study new technology’s interactions with diverse cultures and communities. An active …

SAGE Social & Behavioural Psychology News

single culture studies. Research that concerns the ways in which … Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology Read the September 2017 Special Section on Cross-Cultural Differences in …

Beasley, Chris

Chris Beasley

Adelaide. Dr Beasley primarily teaches in three areas of Political Studies: social and political theory, gender and sexuality studies, and cultural politics. She has been previously been located in Sociology, Women's Studies

Golding, Peter

Peter Golding

Exercise panel for communications, media and cultural studies in 1996 and … Recognition Panel for sociology and media and cultural studies, and chair of the … Cultural Studies Association, and is a member of the  UK UNESCO Commission …

Heather Hundley

and culture, media law, interpretative approaches, seminar in mass media, and digital culture. Her research interests range from issues of gender, feminism, sport, pop culture, law, and health related issues such as …

Karen Bettez Halnon

sociologist who studies political (popular) culture, and has conducted extensive … revision that focus on related fads and fashions in popular culture include … Culture,” “White Trash Chic,” “Shock Music and Carnival Culture,“ and …

Ronald L. Jackson II

Associate Professor of Culture and Communication Theory in the Department of … author of The Negotiation of Cultural Identity  (Praeger … Communication: Identity and Culture (with Michael Hecht and Sidney Ribeau …