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Cultural Studies

Cultural Studies <=> Critical Methodologies … European Journal of Cultural Studies … French Cultural Studies

Cultural Studies

For over 50 years, Cultural Studies has been at the heart of the … bestseller Cultural Studies: Theory and Practice, we publish critical and engaging books …

Sociology and Cultural Studies

Cultural Studies: Theory and Practice Fourth Edition » Bell … Cultural Studies … Understanding Global Cultures, Fourth Edition » Gannon, Martin J. and …

Ethnic Studies

Society & Culture in South Asia Ethnic Studies … Journal of Black Studies

Communication & Media Studies

European Journal of Cultural Studies … International Journal of Cultural Studies … BioScope: South Asian Screen Studies

Communication and Media Studies

A Critical/Cultural Introduction Communication and Media Studies … Rhetoric in Popular Culture, Fourth Edition » Clampitt, Phillip … M.: Gender, Race, and Class …

Communication & Media Studies

Media, communication and cultural studies are disciplines that … future of media studies. Bookmark this page and visit us again as we … research in our journals.   Communication & Media Studies

Communication & Media Studies News

within the strong critical tradition in media and cultural studies … Crime, Media, Culture This special issue in Crime, Media, Culture makes the case for an …

Management & Organization Studies

International Journal of Cross Cultural Management … Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies … Labor Studies Journal …