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Communication & Media Studies

Media, communication and cultural studies are disciplines that have been published at Sage for over fifty years now. We are proud to have built such a well-respected list of leading journals, textbooks for all courses and levels, and critically acclaimed titles from top thinkers in the field. We believe in beautiful books, critical thinking and innovative resources that support research and teaching, and help shape the future of media studies.

American Consumer Culture: Market Research and American Business, 1935-1965

Adam Matthew publishes the original ground-breaking consumer behavious reports from Ernest Dichter and the Institute for Motivational Research

Marlborough, England - Adam Matthew today announced the publication of ‘American Consumer Culture, 1935-1965’, the digitized papers of Austrian-American psychologist and pioneer marketing expert, Ernest Dichter (1907-1991).

How can medical centers transform their patient safety culture?

Though healthcare is not without risks or error, hospital employees can support a culture of patient safety by identifying, reporting, and learning from medical mistakes that have or could have harmed patients. In a new study, a training program focusing on team communication, leadership, and decision-making practices, known as Crew Resource Management (CRM), was found to improve perceptions of the safety culture by 8% over the course of two years. This study, the largest of its kind, is out today in the American Journal of Medical Quality from SAGE Publishing.

Selling the American Dream

One of the largest collection of trade catalogues in America digitised for interdisciplinary research

Marlborough, UK. Explore the shaping of the United States throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries with Trade Catalogues and the American Home. A new digitised collection of highly visual trade catalogues, cards and marketing ephemera illustrating the rise of the American dream and evolution of commercial tastes and consumer trends between 1850-1950.

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Essay competition announced for members of the Scottish Association for the Study of America

Adam Matthew sponsors new American Studies competition with collection access and £500 prize

(Marlborough, UK) Adam Matthew are pleased to announce a new essay competition in partnership with the leading association on American Studies in Scotland, the Scottish Association for the Study of America (SASA). The essay competition is aimed at postgraduate students, early career researchers and independent researchers in the field of American Studies.

Understand how to relate to other cultures in: The SAGE Encyclopedia of Intercultural Competence

Los Angeles, Each of us shares the planet with those from many different cultures – people with different thoughts, reactions, beliefs, values, and mores. Someone who is considered culturally competent possesses the ability to work well with people from different cultural groups. Because that ability is more important than ever before in our modern "global village," the information presented in the new The SAGE Encyclopedia of Intercultural Competence is important for both individuals and agencies.

‘Best of the best’ awarded to Victorian Popular Culture

Adam Matthew resource selected above 5,000 titles to receive Choice prestigious award 

Marlborough, UK. Victorian Popular Culture, an online teaching and research resource, has been chosen as a Choice ‘Best of the Best’ Outstanding Academic Title for 2016.

SAGE Video Adds Social Work Collection, Enhances Two Other Collections

SAGE Publishing announces the launch of its 12th video collection and the release of 20 hours of content updates to existing collections. The new SAGE Video Social Work collection will feature original and licensed video showcasing social work skills, practices, populations, challenges, and research. The SAGE Video Business & Management and Media, Communication, & Cultural Studies collections will each receive 10 hours of new content on new topics requested by faculty around the world.