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SAGE Opens Photo Contest for Travel Grant to Charleston 2015

Los Angeles, CA - SAGE today opens the 2014 Charleston Photo Competition, ending September 19. To participate, academic librarians in the US and Canada are invited to send a photo that responds to the question, “What is your favorite library tradition?” The first-place winner will receive a grant for full registration to the 2015 Charleston Conference as well as $500 for travel, and eleven runner-ups will each receive a $50 Amazon gift card.

Sally Solomon Cohen to serve as new Editor-in-Chief of Policy, Politics and Nursing Practice

Los Angeles, CA - SAGE recently announced the appointment of Sally Solomon Cohen, PhD, RN, FAAN, as Editor-in-Chief of Policy, Politics & Nursing Practice (PPNP), a quarterly, peer-reviewed journal focusing on nursing and health policy. Cohen succeeds David M. Keepnews, PhD, JD, RN, FAAN, who served as Editor-in-Chief since 2004. Keepnews will serve as Consulting Editor to PPNP during a transition period.

Does the belief in guardian angels make people more cautious?

Los Angeles, CA - While many believe that guardian angels watch over to keep them safe in a dangerous world, a new study finds that those who believe are actually less inclined to take risks despite this believed protection. This study was published today in the open access journal SAGE Open.

Researchers David Etkin, Jelena Ivanova, Susan MacGregor, and Alalia Spektor surveyed 198 individuals and found that of those who believe in guardian angels, 68% said that this belief affects how they take risks.

SAGE launches Health Psychology Open July 2014

Los Angeles, CA - Leading independent and academic publisher SAGE, has announced the launch of Health Psychology Open an international, open access (OA), peer-reviewed, online-only journal  addressing issues in health and social sciences. The journal will be accepting submissions from 30 April 2014 with the first issue publishing at the end of June 2014.

SAGE to begin publishing Workplace Health and Safety journal

Official journal of the American Association of Occupational Health Nurses, Inc. (AAOHN)

Los Angeles, CA - SAGE today announces that it will begin publishing Workplace Health & Safety (WHS), a journal that supports and promotes the practice of occupational and environmental health nursing, beginning in early 2015.

SAGE to begin publishing OTJR: Occupation, Participation, and Health

Official Publication of the American Occupational Therapy Foundation (AOTF)

Los Angeles, CA - SAGE announces today that it will begin publishing OTJR: Occupation, Participation, and Health, a leading occupational therapy journal of the American Occupational Therapy Foundation beginning in January, 2015.

Men in recovery from Ebola should wear condoms for at least 3 months

Los Angeles, CA - A new article reports that despite a clear lack of research on male survivors of Ebola, the current recommended practice of waiting at least three months after recovery to have unprotected sex should be upheld. This study was published today in Reproductive Sciences, a SAGE journal.

Are the benefits of breast milk stimulant worth the risk?

Los Angeles, CA - Most women can make all the milk their baby needs, but some mothers turn to medications to help increase their supply. While some specialists encourage the off-label use of domperidone to stimulate breast milk production, some studies have suggested it may be related to negative side effects, including irregular heartbeat and sudden cardiac death.