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D. Angus Vail

Address for Book Reviews: Dr.D.Angus Vail Department of Sociology Willamette University 900 State Street Salem, OR 97301 (503)370-6313 Vail, D …

Stephen F. Davis

published over 325 articles, 30 textbooks, and presented over 900 professional …

Boult, Betty

Betty L. Boult

population is 1200 students (900 of the students are in Grades ten to twelve …

Paul Galdas

have led to outputs that have been cited over 900 times and contributed …

Herman Leonard

Directors of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, a 900,000-member Massachusetts HMO …

Israel (MALMAD)

SAGE has an agreement with MALMAD, the Israeli Inter-University Center for Digital Information Services in 2020. Corresponding authors publishing an article in 900