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Consumption and Everyday Life

Consumption and Everyday Life

Edited by:
  • Hugh Mackay - Open University in Wales, United Kingdom

June 1997 | 368 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Reviewing key contemporary issues and debates about consumption, this accessible textbook portrays and assesses the varied and complex intersections of consumption and everyday life.

The rich and idiosyncratic nature of local consumption practices is illustrated through cases from different parts of the world. The contributors show the varying balance between constraint and creativity, links between consumption and production, and the patterns which shape access to symbolic and material resources.

Daniel Miller
Consumption and its Consequences
Ruth Finnegan
`Storying the Self'
Personal Narratives and Identity

Ruth Finnegan
Music, Performance and Enactment
Nigel Thrift
`Us' and `Them'
Re-Imagining Places, Re-Imagining Identities

Shaun Moores
Broadcasting and its Audience
Hugh Mackay
Consuming Communications Technologies at Home

Case studies too oriented towards digital products for most of the cohort's focus

Dr Peter Oakley
Gold/Silversmithing,Metalwork&Jeweller, Royal College of Art
November 15, 2016

A useful introduction to students new to the topic.

Dr Emma-Jayne Abbots
School of Humanities, University of Wales, Trinity St David
July 11, 2013