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Consumer Behavior and Culture

Consumer Behavior and Culture
Consequences for Global Marketing and Advertising

Second Edition

November 2010 | 424 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The Second Edition presents an empirically-based model for integrating culture with consumer behaviour and contains the following updates:

- A new chapter (Chapter 7) is included to bring together the existing and new material on communication, culture, and media behaviour.

- Implications to international marketing and advertising have been removed from the previous edition's Chapter 8 and are integrated in each chapter where appropriate, including relevant advertisements, so that students can understand the real-world implications of the research.

- All data, charts, tables and additional material have been updated

1. Consumer Behavior Across Cultures
Global Consumers in a Global Village?  
Globalization and Global Consumer Culture  
Converting and Diverging Consumer Behavior  
Post-Scarcity Societies and the Culture Paradigm  
Global Communities?  
New Media  
Sense of History  
Branding and Advertising: From Global to Multi-Local  
Consumer Behavior  
A Model of Cross-Cultural Consumer Behavior  
Organization of the Book  
2. Values and Culture
Culture Defined  
Comparing Cultures  
National Cultures  
Dimensions of Culture  
Relationship of Man With Nature  
High-Context Communication Culture and Low-Context Communication Culture  
Dimensions of Time  
Hofstede: Five Dimensions of National Culture  
Schwartz: Seven Value Types or Motivational Domains  
Comparing Dimensional Models  
Application to Consumer Behavior  
Culture Relationships  
3. Convergence and Divergence in Consumer Behavior
Convergence Theory  
Convergence: Macro and Micro Level  
Convergence/Divergence in Consumer Behavior  
National Wealth as an Explaining Variable  
Over Time, Culture Replaces Income as an Explanatory Variable  
With Increased Wealth, Cultural Values Become Manifest  
Other Measurement Variables  
Population Density  
Age Distribution  
Household and Family  
Social Class  
Consumer Behavior, National Wealth, and Culture  
4. The Consumer: Attributes
The Concept of Self  
Implications for Marketing, Branding, and Advertising  
Self-Enhancement and Self-Esteem  
The Brand Personality Concept  
Personal Traits  
Brand Personality Traits  
Identity and Image  
Corporate Identity, Brand Identity, and Brand Image  
Attitude and Behavior  
5. Social Processes
Motivation, Needs, and Drives  
Culture-Related Consumer Needs and Motives  
Emotions in Advertising  
Group Processes  
Family and Relationships: Parents-Children  
Public and Private Space  
Reference Groups  
Opinion Leaders  
6. Mental Processes
Cognition and Cognitive Styles  
Learning and Memory  
Cognition and Affect  
The Creative Process  
Locus of Control  
Information Processing  
Involvement Theory  
Decision Making  
7. Culture, Communication, and Media Behavior
Communication and Culture  
Communication Styles  
Mass Communication Styles  
Advertising Styles  
Web Communication Styles  
Media Behavior  
The Internet  
Responses to Marketing Communications  
Brand Communications Across Cultures  
The Future of Global Advertising  
8. Consumer Behavior Domains
Product Acquisition, Usage, and Ownership  
Food and Beverages  
Nondurable Household Products  
Personal Care and Cosmetics  
Clothing and Footwear  
Household Appliances  
Consumer Electronics and Personal Computers  
Luxury Articles  
Shopping and Buying Behavior  
Complaining Behavior  
Brand Loyalty  
Adoption and Diffusion of Innovations  
Predicting Market Development Across Cultures  
Appendix A: GNI per Capita at Purchasing Power Parity 2008 (US$) and Hofstede Country Scores for 68 Countries
Appendix B: Data Sources
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Subject Index
About the Author

for MA thesis projects Buisiness communication, please let me know if you need detailed comments/experiences

Dr Peter Broeder
Dept. of Culture Studies, Babylon
September 26, 2012

Utilized as supplementary text for content regarding consumer culture

Dr Charles Richardson
School Of Business Admin, Clark Atlanta University
September 18, 2012

Already existing recommended book - happy to incorporate into own teaching and recommend to students.

Mr David Peck
Newcastle Business School, Newcastle University
July 2, 2012

This is quite similar to the other book by the same author, Global Marketing and Advertising. As its partner book, Consumer behavior and Culture provides valuable insights into the relationships between culture and behaviour. I would make similar comments on the layout and presentation that I made for the other book, it is a bit uninspiring, in an area that could be easily supplimented with colourful visual images, which would have a much better impact than the black and white illustrations.

Dr Antje Cockrill
School of Business & Economics, Swansea University
June 2, 2012

The only book I know, which covers the cultural foundations of consumer behavior in detail. I can recommend this book for every course on consumer behavior or for seminars on international marketing as well as a starting literature for students working on their masters thesis in that field.

Mr Manfred Hammerl
Institut für Marketing, Karl-Franzens-Universität
April 19, 2012

It is informative but I can not use it as a core book for the purpose I want. However, I find it repeats a lot of from her other book on Advertising Appeals (i think) which I use and may recommend as a core text book next semester.

Ms Christina Neylan
Institute Communication and marketing, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Lucerne
March 6, 2012

+ Very clear and concise. But comprehensive on the issues. Easy to follow for students.

- Lacking visuals (ads, pictures of products..)

Miss Marie-Cecile Cervellon
Marketing , International University of Monaco
November 6, 2011

It is too similar to my present textbook (gobal marketing and advertising of the same author). I will suggest it as a way to go deeper in the subject to the students that are interested in knowing more.

Professor Alberto Cusi
business institutions, northwestern university
September 21, 2011

Book will be used during the 2011 - 2012 course

Mr Harold Van Oevelen
Rotterdam Business School, Rotterdam University
August 15, 2011

The book is good supplement reference in international marketing course.

Dr Rania Mostafa
Marketing and PR, Leeds Metropolitan University
May 4, 2011

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