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Constituting Cultural Difference Through Discourse

Constituting Cultural Difference Through Discourse

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September 2000 | 344 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Mary Jane Collier brings together essays that address issues such as how culture and discourse are related, and how people with varied cultural identities draw their boundaries and create distinctiveness through their communication with one another, and presents timely and relevant research on cultural difference as a contemporary social problem. The contributors to this volume represent a variety of cultural groups, and their discussions reflect a diverse array of perspectives on discourse analysis.
Mary Jane Collier
Constituting Cultural Difference Through Discourse
Current Research Themes of Politics, Perspectives, and Problematics

Lisa A Flores
Challenging the Myth of Assimilation
A Chicana Feminist Response

Trudy Milburn
Enacting "Puerto Rican Time" in the United States
Marouf Hasian Jr
When Rhetorical Theory and Practice Encounter Postcolonialism
Rethinking the Meaning of Farrakhan and the Million Man March Address

Mark P Orbe, Kiesha T Warren and Nancy C Cornwell
Negotiating Societal Stereotypes
Analyzing The Real World Discourse by and about African American Men

Raka Shome
Media and Colonialism
Race, Rape, and "Englishness" in The Jewel in the Crown

Yoko Nadamitsu, Ling Chen and Gustav Friedrich
Similar or Different?
The Chinese Experience of Japanese Culture

Yumiko Yokochi and Bradford 'J' Hall
Exploring the Communication/Culture Connection
A Comparison of Japanese and American Discourse

Dreama Moon
Interclass Travel, Cultural Adaptation, and "Passing" as a Disjunctive Inter/Cultural Practice
Jolanta A Drzewiecka
Discursive Construction of Differences
Ethnic Immigrant Identities and Distinction

Yael-Janette Zupnik
A Face-Driven Account of Identity Exchanges in Israeli-Palestinian "Dialogue" Events
Rivka Ribak
"In the Beginning..."
Israeli Jews and Arabs Construct Intifadas and Selves


Not suitable for our learners; although would be very suitable for Masters level researchers.

Miss Christine Hatcher
Health, Care and Early Years, Yeovil College
October 27, 2014

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