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Connecting High-Leverage Practices to Student Success

Connecting High-Leverage Practices to Student Success
Collaboration in Inclusive Classrooms

September 2023 | 288 pages | Corwin

Transform classrooms and student performance with evidence-based, effective practices

Two brains are better than one, as the saying goes, and this is especially true in education. Educators who employ effective collaboration and co-teaching greatly amplify student engagement, achievement, and growth, particularly for those learners needing extra support.

Written by two of the nation’s top experts in co-teaching, Connecting High-Leverage Practices to Student Success is an essential, reader-friendly guide for educators and instructional leaders who are passionate about creating truly inclusive classrooms where all students thrive— academically, behaviorally, socially, and emotionally. Inside, authors Melissa Jenkins and Wendy Murawski provide:

  • Three clearly defined steps to build a strong foundation, leverage collaboration, and support students’ growth
  • A laser focus on high-leverage and evidence-based practices for general and special education that optimize educators’ impact, including collaboration, instruction, assessment, and social emotional/behavior skills
  • Seamless integration of practices within MTSS and RTI processes to meet the needs of all learners
  • Countless and concrete samples, examples, tools, reflection exercises, and supplemental materials that enable you to move from theory to immediate instructional practice

Positioning collaboration as the catalyst to maximizing high-leverage and evidence-based practices for the success of all students, this easy-to-use handbook belongs on the desk of every teacher working toward a truly inclusive environment.

Section I: Foundations of Co-Teaching and Collaborative Teaming
Introduction to Section I
Chapter 1: Collaborative Teaming
Chapter 2: Co-Teaching Models
Chapter 3: Relationships, Roles, and Responsibilities
Section II: Collaborating for Academic Success
Introduction to Section II
Chapter 4: Co-Assessment of Group and Individual Academic Needs
Chapter 5: Co-Instruction to Meet All Learners’ Academic Needs
Chapter 6: Providing Specially Designed Instruction in Inclusive Settings
Chapter 7: Co-Assessment: Evaluating and Reporting Academic Progress
Section III: Collaborating for Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Growth
Introduction to Section III
Chapter 8: Co-Assessment to Create a Positive Classroom Climate for All Learners
Chapter 9: Co-Instruction for Social Emotional Learning
Chapter 10: Collaborating for Individual Behavioral Support and Intervention
Chapter 11: Co-Assessing and Sharing Social Emotional Learning Outcomes
Section IV: Synthesis and Analysis
Chapter 12: Co-reflecting and Co-planning for Improvement
Appendix A: High-Leverage Practices for General Education
Appendix B: High-Leverage Practices for Special Education

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ISBN: 9781071920817