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Complete Green Series Bundle

Complete Green Series Bundle
The SAGE Reference Series on Green Society

Twelve Volume Set
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August 2011 | 6 736 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Sustainability and 'going green' is an issue of vital concern in today's world. It's a high-interest topic that students often are given paper assignments to write about, whether it be in the area of politics and energy, carbon footprints, environmental advocacy and activism, consumerism and green business, extinctions and the health of biological ecosystems, or public health and the environment.

From environmental studies to sociology to business to group dynamics and social psychology to political science and public policy, it cuts across disciplines and is a matter of urgent practical - not just scholarly - concern. Thie series explores all these topics and more in a 12-volume reference series of nearly 1,700 entries available in both print and electronic formats.

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ISBN: 9781412962735