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Comparing Nurseries

Comparing Nurseries
Staff and Children in Italy, Spain and the UK

April 1997 | 160 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This book examines 12 nurseries in three countries - how they are organized, who works in them, and which children attend them. In particular, it explores what staff think about the work they are doing, how they view it, and whether or not they enjoy it. The author traces how these views and opinions are translated into action, and how they affect the children. She also explores what contribution the context and location of the nurseries makes to their practice. The author compares her observations of daily practice in these nurseries, and draws valuable conclusions about the values and practices which support 'good' nursery provision.
Peter Moss
The Macrosystem
Politics and Policies in Italy, Spain and the UK

The Children
The Nurseries
Love and Friendship in the Nursery
Making Changes in the UK