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Comparative State Feminism

Comparative State Feminism

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September 1995 | 349 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The cross-national trend in post-industrial societies of establishing state structures assigned to improve the status of women is studied in this book. The existence of a phenomenon called `state feminism' has begun to be a focus of research in the past few years, although the phenomenon itself dates from the 1960s, thus there is a clear need for a comparative analysis. With contributions from renowned scholars, the book: describes and classifies the range and diversity of state structures charged with improving the status of women in post-industrial societies; analyzes their effect on the status of women on achieving feminist goals; and explains the variations among post-industrial societies in the establishment, elaboration and effectiveness of such state structures.
Dorothy McBride Stetson and Amy Mazur
Marian Sawer
`Femocrats in Glass Towers'
The Office of the Status of Women in Australia

Linda Geller-Schwartz
Feminism and State Institutions in Canada
Anette Borchorst
A Political Niche
Denmark's Equal Status Council

Amy Mazur
Strong State and Symbolic Reform
The Ministère des Droits de la Femme in France

Myra Marx Ferree
Making Equality
The Women's Affairs Offices in the Federal Republic of Germany

Joni Lovenduski
The Equal Opportunities Commission in Great Britain
Evelyn Mahon
Ireland's Policy Machinery
The Ministry of State for Women's Affairs and Joint Oireachtas Committees for Women's Rights

Marila Guadagnini
The Late-Comers
Italy's Equal Status and Equal Opportunity Agencies

Joyce Outshoorn
Administrative Accommodation in the Netherlands
The Department for the Coordination of Equality Policy

Jill Bystydzienski
Women's Equality Machinery in Norway
The Equal Status Council

Jean Robinson
Women, the State and the Need for Civil Society
The Liga Kobiet in Poland

Ceila Valiente
The Power of Persuasion
The Instituto de la Mujer in Spain

Amy Elman
The State's Equality for Women
Sweden's Equality Ombudsman

Dorothy McBride Stetson
The Oldest Women's Policy Agency
The Women's Bureau in the U S
Amy Mazur and Dorothy McBride Stetson
The Case for State Feminism


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