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Cognitive Science

Cognitive Science
An Introduction to the Study of Mind

Fourth Edition

October 2021 | 552 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Introduction: Exploring Mental Space
The Philosophical Approach: Enduring Questions
The Psychological Approach: A Profusion of Theories
The Cognitive Approach I: Vision, Pattern Recognition, and Attention
The Cognitive Approach II: Memory, Imagery, Concepts, and Problem Solving
The Neuroscience Approach: Mind as Brain
The Network Approach: Mind as a Web
The Evolutionary Approach: Change Over Time
The Linguistic Approach: Language and Cognitive Science
The Emotional Approach: Mind as Emotion
The Social Approach: Mind as Society
The Artificial Intelligence Approach: The Computer as a Cognitive Agent
The Artificial Intelligence Approach II: Embedded Intelligence Agents and Robotics
The Embodied Ecological Approach: A Dynamic Future for Cognitive Science?