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Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and Mentoring
Theory and Practice

Second Edition
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Join the thousands of students who have been guided through the theory and practice of coaching and mentoring by this academic yet accessible text written by three leading scholars.

New to the Second Edition of Coaching and Mentoring:

  • Updated references and research
  • A greater emphasis on contemporary issues such as globalization
  • Even more examples and cases from a range of sectors and professions
  • Brand new companion website with access to relevant SAGE journal articles available on publication at

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Part I: An Introduction to Coaching and Mentoring
Chapter 1 The Meaning of Coaching and Mentoring
Chapter 2 Researching Coaching and Mentoring
Chapter 3 Creating a Coaching and Mentoring Culture
Chapter 4 Design and Evaluation
Chapter 5 Models and Perspectives on Coaching and Mentoring
Chapter 6 Conversational Learning
Part II: Influences on Coaching and Mentoring
Chapter 7 Power in Coaching and Mentoring
Chapter 8 Multiple Relationships
Chapter 9 E-development
Chapter 10 The Goal Assumption: a Mindset Issue in Organizations?
Part III: Contemporary Issues in Coaching and Mentoring
Chapter 11 Supervision
Chapter 12 Coaching and Mentoring and Diversity
Chapter 13 Competencies, Standards and Professionalization
Part IV: Towards a Theory of Coaching and Mentoring
Chapter 14 A United States Perspective on Coaching and Mentoring
Chapter 15 Towards a Theory of Coaching and Mentoring


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'Garvey, Stokes and Megginson’s 2nd edition brings this popular text up to date with new content and research. The book is an ideal choice for those studying coaching and seeking an evidenced based approach to the topic of coaching and mentoring'.

Jonathan Passmore
University of Evora

‘This new edition improves on what was already an excellent text.  The additional case studies bring the theory to life and are very helpful.  The ethos throughout this book is both thoughtful and humane, it’s an ethical and comprehensive study of coaching and mentoring, and I endorse it wholeheartedly.’

Dr Simon Western
Director of Analytic-Network Coaching Ltd

'This is a book for those who want to think deeply about coaching and mentoring; it goes well beyond the ‘how-to-do-it’ of many texts and challenges us to pay attention to the wider implications of what we are doing. The authors draw on many sources, always with a critical approach that invites us to think about how what has been written has been influenced by the perspectives and discourses of the time and culture.'

Julie Hay
Nurturing Potential

The process of coaching and mentoring underpins our PGCE programme for students wishing to become teachers in the world of FE and HE Education. The role of the mentor promotes joint practice engagement and structured self-assessment and professional development. This book moves beyond the classic notion of mentoring and promotes the quality of active experience. It moves towards a “coaching organisation” where we actively seek to solve problems and improve performance. Solid theoretical evidence allows for exploration via case studies and activities.

Mrs Victoria Lappin
School of Teaching and Learning, Gateshead College
May 11, 2017

An excellent summary of historical context and current research understanding. May adopt as core text for 17/18 cohort. Nicely presented in a logical and easy to follow manner written in accessible language without losing the integrity of the source materials. Significant attention given to critique and opening up of the debates around coaching and mentoring with some very useful parallels drawn between what are often portrayed as conflicting disciplines.
A very useful text that will be included in module development over the coming year.

Dr Gary Andrew Husband
Institute of Education, Stirling University
June 13, 2016

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Chapter 7: Power in Coaching and Mentoring

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